Kenko Black Mist No1 filter review: No missed opportunities here!

Is Kenko’s Black Mist No1 filter a worthy atmospheric addition to your kit bag or is it all smoke and mirrors?

5 Star Rating
Kenko Black Mist No1 filter
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Digital Camera World Verdict

We were very impressed by Kenko’s Black Mist No1 filter. If soft focus hazy shots with a dreamy and atmospheric feel are what you’re after then this filter does exactly what it says on the box! It's also less expensive than equivalent filters from its competition at K&F and Tiffen, making this one a no brainer.


  • +

    High build quality

  • +

    Does what it says on the box

  • +

    No unintentional optical defects

  • +

    Great for high contrast scenes

  • +

    Ideal for both stills and video

  • +

    More affordable than its competitors


  • -

    Effect is minimal in flat lighting

  • -

    Takes up space in your kit bag

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Kenko’s Black Mist filters have been on the lips of many professional photographers in recent years so it was about time we checked them out and had a look at what all the fuss is about.

As the name implies Kenko’s Black Mist filter has black diffusing material melted into its glass to make scenes appear softer by suppressing highlight and shadow contrast for a more cinematic style. Kenko offers the Black Mist filter as the No.1 which offers the ‘full-fat’ mist effect, a Black Mist No.05 which offers half the mist effect, a Black Mist Protector which is a general filter to protect your lens with just one-quarter of the mist effect found in the original No.1 version. Kenko also makes a White Mist No.1 and a bunch of other soft-effect filters such as the Duto and Prosofton Clear options, so the brand certainly has you covered if adding mist and flare to your photos and videos is your thing.

Tiffen's UV Protector filter

Are you a beginner in photography or searching for a budget-friendly solution? Tiffen's UV Protector filter is an excellent alternative to the Digital HT Ultra Clear filter. It effectively reduces the impact of UV light and provides reliable protection for your lens - but without any multi-coated surfaces or a hefty price tag.

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