Kenko White Mist No.1 filter review: Is this the number one filter for adding heaps of retro flare and style?

Building on the success of Kenko's popular Black Mist No.1, the new White Mist No.1 reduces contrast and boosts flare in contrast-heavy scenes for a washed-out vintage aesthetic

Kenko White Mist No1 filter
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Digital Camera World Verdict

The White Mist No.1 impressed us with the same high premium Japanese build quality of its Black Mist No.1 and No.05 siblings, but for our money, the Black Mist No.1 would be the more versatile filter if you only had the budget to afford one. That said, for lovers of that vintage and retro filmic quality this filter will be a joy to use and we're sure you'll get plenty of use out of it.


  • +

    High build quality

  • +

    Does what it says on the box

  • +

    No unintentional optical defects

  • +

    Fantastic vintage look

  • +

    Ideal for both stills and video

  • +

    More affordable than its competitors


  • -

    More expensive than Kenko's Black Mist filters

  • -

    Takes up space in your kit bag

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In a world where we seem to be constantly marching closer towards ever-increasing clarity from sharper lenses and higher megapixel counts, it’s refreshing to see a product like Kenko's White Mist No.1 which diffuses and softens images, embracing haze and flare, playing on the nostalgic film look from a bygone era. Released in April 2023, it's the follow-up to Kenko's Black Mist No.1 and No.05 filter which both debuted in 2021 and have been well-received since.

As the name implies, Kenko’s new White Mist No.1 filter has been designed with diffusing powder melted into the glass to boost flare and bolster the appearance of a white hazy mist in your shots. Kenko claims that its filter reduces contrast for soft and pale tones to help give images a vintage aesthetic, with more gentle contrast under normal lighting conditions, and boosting flare in backlit environments for a more cinematic look. It’s also useful for reducing harsh lighting in portraits too, where a softer and more gentle light could be more flattering.

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Filter typeSoft effect
Thread diameter range (mm)49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77, 82
Filter materialOptical glass
Frame materialAluminium
Thickness6 mm
Tiffen's Black Pro-Mist filter

Tiffen's Black Pro-Mist filter is an excellent alternative to the White Mist No.1 filter, offering similar creative diffusion effects to make your images more filmic. Tiffen's filters do however command a higher price tag than the Kenko here.

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