K&F Concept Nano-X Series MCUV filter review: superior option that does more than just keep your lens safe

We test the premium Nano-X option to see if the 28 layers of multi-coating are worth the purchase

5 Star Rating
Review K&F Concept MCUV Nano-X Series Filter
(Image: © Kim Bunermann/ Future)

Digital Camera World Verdict

The K&F Concept Nano-X MCUV filter comes highly recommended for photographers looking to protect their lenses while keeping the high quality of their shots. It reduces haze and minimizes the amount of UV light, resulting in slightly improved image contrast. The ultra-clear glass, anti-reflective coating, and slim design make it the perfect filter to leave on your lens at all times. The filter is versatile and can be stacked with other filters. It is robustness against water, scratches, and falls makes it a practical choice for outdoor photography. Additionally, its price and ultra-slim design make it stand out among other UV filters on the market.


  • +

    Protects your lens

  • +

    Combinable with other filters

  • +

    No image quality loss

  • +

    Improves contrast and reduces haze


  • -

    Not much wrong here!

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Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, you know that camera lenses can be quite expensive, and the cost of replacing or repairing them can be exorbitant. This is why it's essential to take measures to protect your investment, and one of the best ways to do this is by using a UV (ultraviolet) or even better MCUV filter (multi-coated ultraviolet). 

UV filters are among the most basic filters in photography and offer a range of advantages. The best protection filters for lenses are designed to protect your primes and zooms from accidental damage caused by drops, scratches, or cracks. They can also safeguard against environmental factors such as water, sand, or dust, which can negatively impact the longevity of your lens. This is particularly important when shooting near water or in the rain, as water can cause major damage to your lens. Even condensation can be harmful if you move from a cold environment to a warm one while shooting. 

Tiffen's UV Protector filter

Are you a beginner in photography or searching for a budget-friendly solution? Tiffen's UV Protector filter is an alternative to the K&F Concept MCUV filter. It effectively reduces the impact of UV light and provides reliable protection for your lens - but without a heavy price tag. The difference here is that this filter does not provide a multi-coated surface so lens flare can occur, which can be prevented by using a lens hood when shooting directly towards the sun. 


Are you interested in exploring other camera filter options? We recommend checking out the Tiffen Digital HT Ultra Clear filter. This filter is comparable to the MCUV filter by K&F Concept and performed very well in our testing. Like the MCUV filter, it also has a multi-coated surface that transmits almost 99% of light. The filter has a durable titanium finish and provides excellent protection for your camera lens.

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Kim Bunermann
Technique Editor

Kim is the Technique Editor of Digital Photographer Magazine. She specializes in architecture, still life and product photography and has a Master's degree in Photography and Media with a distinction from the FH Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in Germany. While studying, Kim came to the UK for an exchange term at the London College of Communication. She settled in the UK and began her career path by joining Future. Kim focuses on tutorials and creative techniques, and particularly enjoys interviewing inspiring photographers who concentrate on a range of fascinating subjects including women in photography, the climate crisis; the planet, its precious creatures and the environment.