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Canon EOS Rebel T6 / EOS 1300D review

Canon’s entry-level DSLR gets a few tweaks and upgrades, plus Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing

Canon EOS 1300D Lab tests

We use Imatest and DxO Analyzer hardware and software to test cameras for their colour accuracy (colour error) signal to noise ratio (the amount of noise in the images) and dynamic range (their ability to capture detail in very bright and dark areas). We also pick three rival cameras to test them against. 

Colour error

We tested the EOS 1300D against three key rivals: the older EOS 1200D, Nikon D3300 and Pentax K-S2. All of the cameras perform similarly for colour error, being quite close to accurate but perhaps erring on the slightly warm side.

Signal to noise ratio

The EOS 1300D’s slightly better processor seems to have had a positive impact on signal-to-noise ratio. It’s still slightly behind the Nikon D3300, especially at higher sensitivities.

Dynamic range

A slight improvement again when compared to the EOS 1200D, but it is overshadowed by both the Nikon D3300 and the Pentax K-S2, this time particularly at the lower sensitivities.