Your Digital Camera 253 download

Digital Camera 253
(Image credit: Future)

The download for Digital Camera 253 includes 61 minutes of video training for Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity Photo; 15 vintage textures for ageing your photos; a Buyer's Guide PDF with camera and lens reviews galore; print-your-own tips cards; and start files for selected tutorials. 

Download the files for Digital Camera 253

(To start the download, please right-click on the link above and select Save Link As – you might have to open a new browser tab or window to initiate this action)

Each download has been compressed to make it quicker to download. After downloading it, double-click to decompress it. If your computer doesn't have unzipping software, download 7-Zip, which is a free tool designed for this job.

The virtual disc is formatted in a special way so that it mounts on your computer Desktop in the same way as a physical CD or DVD. You should just be able to double-click the ISO file inside the folder, but instructions are provided if this doesn't work.

Download Excire Search 1.4 for Windows or macOS

Excire Search 1.4 box shot image

(Image credit: © Excire)

As featured on page 6 of issue 253, Excire Search is a search and cataloguing tool for Windows and macOS. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse photos, then creates searchable keywords based on the contents of the image. 

Click here to download the Lightroom Classic plugin version 1.4, worth £50/$69. 

Digital Camera

The sister print publication to this website, Digital Camera Magazine is Britain's best-selling photography publication – and it can also be purchased outside the United Kingdom as Digital Camera World.

Digital Camera Magazine is packed with more expert advice and more inspirational images than any other title, with the sole aim of helping you become a better photographer. Every issue we also bring you a selection of great gifts which are designed to help you get more from your photography – everything from tips cards and cheat sheets to free software and bookazines.

In addition to inspirational images, interviews, projects, mini tests and tutorials, each issue is packed with news, reviews and comparisons, as well as photographer vs photographer shootouts and head-to-head challenges using the best photo editing software.

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