Yet-to-be-announced Samsung slidable and dual-fold phones leaked online

(Image credit: @UniverseIce )

Having just launched the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphones, you might assume we wouldn’t see any further foldable Samsung mobiles until next year. You’d be wrong though, as a short, professionally shot, video showing off yet-to-be-announced foldable form factor phones has surfaced online. They’re something to get excited about to with one boasting two folds and another with extendable sides.  

(Image credit: @UniverseIce )

The video clip comes courtesy of reputable leaker @UniverseIce with the caption “interesting” shows what we assume are several Samsung foldable and extendable prototypes, which haven’t yet been announced but may well be the future of the company’s foldables. 

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The future of Samsung foldables

Watching the video, we can see a smartphone that is alike to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 but with two folds, rather than one, so it opens into a huge screen, similar to a laptop. 

Another looks like a regular, non-foldable, smartphone but allows you to pull both, or either, sides of the screen to extend it. 

There’s another smartphone that we get a glimpse of that folds like a laptop, but consists of only screen and shows a gaming controller layout. It’s exciting stuff! 

(Image credit: @UniverseIce )

While we always encourage our readers to take all leaks at face value until they’ve been confirmed or otherwise, @UniverseIce is usually reliable and the video does smack of an official Samsung promotional video.

Making it even more likely to be real deal is the fact that the contents would be incredibly hard to fake. On the other hand, the exciting phones we see may just be concepts and experiments that won’t make it to production. Only time will tell! 

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