This is why I hate being a photographer…

Header image for Sean McCormack opinion piece "This is why I hate being a photographer" with Sean looking unhappy holding up his camera in his edit suite
(Image credit: Sean McCormack)

‘Oh you’re a photographer? We’d love to have you over for our party’. I hate that I’m often invited to events with the condition that I bring my camera. You know, maybe I’d like to just be there and have fun like everyone else. I hate getting up early in the morning, especially in summer just to catch the morning light. Or worse having to stay up really late to catch The Milky Way, knowing I have a two-hour drive back. Yawning the whole of the next day. Grinds my gears.

It’s even worse when it comes to my other hobbies. I can watch my friends swimming or diving at our local tower, taking pictures and making memories. Or I could just be swimming or diving myself, living the moments. Of course, there’s no one to capture me doing these things, so I’m forced to spend even more money figuring out ways I can do both at the same time. Spare me, please. 

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Sean McCormack

Sean McCormack is a commercial, and editorial photographer, book author, and regular contributor to Digital Camera magazine based in Galway, Ireland. He has extensive experience with Lightroom, dating back to its original beta version, and has tried out just about every plugin and preset available. His latest book is Essential Development 3: 25 Tips for Lightroom Classic’s Develop Module