Now you can get Nikon Z lenses for your glasses… designed using MTF charts!

A graphic depicting Nikon Z Series eyewear lenses, with Japanese text and a man wearing spectacles looking at his phone
(Image credit: Nikon-Essilor)

Nikon is harnessing camera lens technology to upgrade progressive lenses in its eyewear, improving contrast and giving wearers clearer vision. 

Nikon began making spectacle lenses in 1946, when it launched the Pointal Lens, and in 1983 it introduced the first anti-glare coating with built-in scratch resistance. An immediate success in Japan, nearly 100% of lenses in the country now use this resilient coating. 

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Leonie Helm
Staff Writer

After graduating from Cardiff University with an Master's Degree in Journalism, Media and Communications Leonie developed a love of photography after taking a year out to travel around the world. 

While visiting countries such as Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh and Ukraine with her trusty Nikon, Leonie learned how to capture the beauty of these inspiring places, and her photography has accompanied her various freelance travel features. 

As well as travel photography Leonie also has a passion for wildlife photography both in the UK and abroad.