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Just $547 for the Pentax K70 (arguably Pentax's best camera!)

Pentax K-70 Black Friday
(Image credit: B&H)

Sometimes the Black Friday savings shave a few bucks off a camera that's still pretty expensive. However, here's a brilliant bargain on a camera that's ludicrously cheap: the Pentax K-70 is now just $546.95!

Our pick as the best Pentax camera, it's a brilliant all-round DSLR with weather sealing plus some tricks that you usually only find in mirrorless cameras – such as in-body image stabilization that's good for 4.5 stops of shake compensation. 

Reduced by $100, the Pentax K-70 is available for just $546.95 – or alternatively, for just a hundred bucks more, you can get the Pentax K-70 with 18-55 lens for just $646.95. Either way, this is an amazingly affordable way to get a highly capable 24.24MP camera!


Pentax K-70: $546.95 (was $646.95)
A robust DSLR with a 24.24MP APS-C sensor, the K-70 is weather sealed, has in-body image stabilization, ISO102,400 sensitivity and a hybrid phase detect AF system in live view. A superb stills shooter!
US deal


Pentax K-70 with 18-55mm lens: $646.95 (was $746.95)
One of the few DSLRs with in-body stabilization, the K-70 turns non-stabilized lenses into rock-steady optics. The Pentax-DA L 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 gives a versatile 27.5-82.5mm equivalent focal range.
US deal

Rugged of build to a semi-pro standard plus smart of design, the K-70 is probably the best all-round Pentax camera that enthusiast photographers can buy, by virtue of its weather resistant exterior being a rarity at its price. 

Also handy is an in-body image stabilization system with an equivalent performance of 4.5EV stops, and for traditionalists the fact that its optical viewfinder features a near 100% field of view. It also offers an 11-point AF system with hybrid phase detection when shooting in live view. 

Combine this with a variable angle LCD and pictorial output that requires very little in the way of adjustment, and the K-70 is one of the more reliable and consistent DSLRs you can buy.

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