Is this a camera or a necktie? Canon's new camera is worn around your neck!

Canon wearable camera patent – a camera that is worn around the neck
(Image credit: Canon • JPO)

Canon has recently published a patent for a wearable camera device, designed to revolutionize the way workers conduct remote tasks in the manufacturing and equipment maintenance sectors. This cutting-edge technology promises to simplify hands-free shooting, using a mechanism that enables users to effortlessly adjust the point of focus.

Wearable cameras and body cameras have been making waves in various industries, offering an immersive and hands-free approach to capturing real-time visual and audio content. These devices come in various forms, from the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses to wristwatches, necklaces and even rings. 

The patent for Canon's wearable camera states that it's designed to be worn around a person's neck, and could be used to transform the way remote workers complete tasks. With a built-in laser to help illuminate the shooting position, users can fine-tune the angle of vision and make sure that the person on the other end is receiving a clear, focused image.

(Image credit: Canon)

One of the key highlights of this wearable camera is its potential for real-time remote work support. By wearing the device, workers can broadcast live video and audio feeds from their location to remote support personnel, who can in turn provide immediate instructions and guidance based on the visual information transmitted. This feature is particularly beneficial in manufacturing sites and equipment maintenance, where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Although the patent is primarily intended for commercial use, focusing on remote work support and equipment maintenance in industrial settings, the technology's potential for consumer applications is undeniable. From a YouTube creator wearing it to make how-to videos to an influencer who does unboxing videos, there are so many potential uses for this camera outside of remote support work. The patent also hints that it could have a motorized adjustment mechanism, which can be remotely controlled, making changing camera angles even easier.

Canon's innovative wearable camera patent represents a significant leap forward in wearable technology, with the potential to redefine how we approach remote work and content creation. While commercial applications remain the primary focus, the consumer market is eagerly awaiting the possibilities that this technology may unlock, potentially transforming how action cameras are used in recreational activities.

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