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Day In The Life, a fantastic new UK photography exhibition, wants your votes!

The photographic results of a recent Social Experiment entitled ‘A Day In The Life’ are to be placed on display, to celebrate the life and cultural heritage of Liverpool. 

A Day in The Life tasked the people of Liverpool with using their cameras to capture an extensive pool of images, which document the spirit of their city, across a period of 24 hours. 

These photographs covered a vast array of subject matter, from the buildings and urban landscape to the people and nightlife. 

From the thousands of images submitted, a large composite artwork is to be created by collage specialist Nathan Wyburn, depicting a local Liverpudlian hero from a selection of nominees. These include John Archer, John Lennon, Cilla Black, William Roscoe, Beryl Bainbridge, William Rathbone, Hannah Greg and Dixie Dean (William Ralph). 

Nathan is known for his collages of celebrities, using everyday items such as food and rose to fame after his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. 

“I love creating something more interesting than a standard portrait; something that has a story behind it” says Nathan. “Some of the images are amazing and I can’t wait to create a collage that will forever remember this day in the city’s history.”

The Day In The Life project was orchestrated by and was overseen by expert photographer Mark Waugh. Managing Director Ian Cowley says: “Mark and the 25-strong team of street photographers captured these fantastic moments on Saturday 20th October, which are now forever frozen in time, providing a unique legacy to the city.”

The only thing left to decide is which personality is to receive Nathan’s expert collage treatment and be immortalised by thousands of individual local stories. 

A vote is open for you to have your say - select your preference and play a part in choosing in what form Liverpool in 2018 will be remembered. 

Vote now; but hurry, the poll closes on Friday 23 November.