Adorable conversation captured between a girl and her horse by a helmet camera

girl kissing her horse's nose
(Image credit: © Kenny Webster on Unsplash)

An adorable video of a girl talking to her horse has gone viral on TikTok. The sweet conversations were captured by the girls’ helmet camera and in the video, you can hear her whispering words of encouragement to the horse. 

TikTok users Rocket Plumbing and Drain (@rocketdrainpa) discovered the footage when watching back the recording from their daughter’s helmet cam. In the caption on TikTok, the parents explained they “had no idea she was interacting with her horse like this”.

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In the TikTok video (above), which we first saw on, you can hear the girl (whose name is Kiera), give the horse a pep talk about the upcoming jumps. She tells the horse, “I know it’s a pheasant feeder so it looks a bit weird, but it’s actually really really easy. You just pop over it, no probs”. She then praises her horse by saying “Oh what a good pony, very nice” as they make their way to the next obstacle. 

The encouraging speech from Kiera includes telling the horse the jumps are ‘pieces of cake’. She also tells the horse she doesn’t want to be in a submarine as it's too deep for her.

Kiera who seems to be a pretty confident rider takes the horse over various different jumps including a 'ditcher' jump which she explains is her [the horse’s] favorite. In the second part of the video, you can hear her say, “I feel like a beginner novice can do better than that” just before they go over a jump which is “like a roll toppy thingy”.

You can also hear Kiera affectionately refer to her horse as ‘baby’ when its reigns get tangled. As they approach jump number 13, she tells the horse that "13 is actually pretty easy, it's just a straightforward hanging lock”.

Recently, helmet cameras have become popular devices for recording outdoor adventures as well as keeping safe on the road as a biker. But for all their practical uses, it’s these unexpected special moments captured between a girl and her horse that really make.

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