Improve your landscape photographs by reaching new heights – literally!

landscape photography tips
(Image credit: Andy Alcock)

I've been an amateur photographer for just over two years. I have always enjoyed nature and being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, so for my 30th birthday I asked for my first camera (a Canon 1300D) to start capturing the places I visited, hoping to share that beauty with others.

I began going out locally to understand the fundamentals of photography, but it was after a visit to the peak district, where I experienced my first cloud inversion and felt the peacefulness of an early morning sunrise, that I realized this was more than a hobby – it was my passion. 

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I have recently upgraded from my standard camera kit to a Canon EOS R and a 24-70mm L series lens, and I have really seen an improvement in the quality of my images. I now enjoy looking back from where I started two years ago and seeing how I have far I've come – and I can’t wait to see where the next few years will take me.  

(Image credit: Andy Alcock)

01. Stanage, Peak District

A cold February morning, sunrise up at Stanage Edge in the Peak District, I captured this wide at 10mm. I shot this low enough to ensure that the millstones in the foreground were pulled through, so that the image linked to the purple skyline.

(Image credit: Andy Alcock)

02. Mam Tor, Peak District

After making the short walk up to Mam Tor, I saw a ewe and lamb grazing on the hillside overlooking the inversion that was forming with the diffused golden sunrise  taking place. I instantly set my tripod up and focused on the ewe. 

(Image credit: Andy Alcock)

03. Winnats Pass, Peak District

This image was taken using my drone, which I like to use in order to get a different perspective of a landscape that cannot be seen with a camera on foot. The conditions of the morning, and the subject of the nearby Winnats Pass, meant that I didn’t have much to do in Lightroom

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(Image credit: Andy Alcock)

04. Tryfan, Snowdonia

This was taken on a trip to Wales, just before the first lockdown, and I was lucky enough to find the mountain tops covered in snow. I set up this composition by the stream to give a leading line, and with a slow shutter speed to blur the water. I’m hoping to go back in the near future to explore more of Wales.

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