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LIVE: Apple iPhone 15 - Highlights of the Wonderlust 2023 event

Apple iPhone 15 Live launch with build-up and all the rumors plus live video feed of Apple's Wonderlust event keynote

Apple Wonderlust event logo from the Apple iPhone 15 launch event
(Image: © Apple)

The Apple Wonderlust event – the launch of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro – is very much in view, as the world's biggest company readies its latest flagship product.

The Wonderlust launch event, Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am (Pacific Time) / 1 pm (EDT) / 6 pm (UK) / 3 am Wed (AUS), preceded by the last-minute rumors was they were still flooding in. 


Perhaps these phones will come out FAST?

Tweet appears to confirm look of iPhone 15 Pro models

Our friends at T3 have been pondering which of the rumored iPhone 15s will represent the better value and, this morning, with price rises of $100 and $200 respectively now being touted by Mark Gurman for the smaller and larger Pro models.

Yet another interesting leak doing the rounds today – that there will be four sub-events for media members attending the Apple launch in person. This would normally mean:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is going to be lighter – but not as much lighter as some expected – according to Forbes and MacRumors. Oh, it's going to be fatter too!

Now you might think that creating special animations just to encourage people to click on them – and to talk about the magic of clicking on them – is on the verge of spamming. We couldn't possibly comment but we can confirm that, once again, Twitter X has done a deal with Apple for just such an event-specific emoji when you 'Like' news of the event.

If you weren't convinced something was about to happen, how's this? The official Apple Store site is now offline with the traditional "Be Right Back" message in advance of today's iPhone 15 launch.

Not to criticise the "journalists" at the British tabloid The Daily Mail, but they seem to have spectacularly misunderstood Apple's launch cycle, reporting that "Apple Store website CRASHES ahead of the iPhone 15 launch event."

What is Grade 5 titanium?

OK, very excited now as the video is live – doing some singing and animation. Don't forget to click the play button above on the live video window. Get comfortable folks – the phone might not be the first thing Apple want to talk about!

Not a total surprise, but the emotional kick off to the video is centering on the SOS satellite rescue and Apple Watch health alerts of previous generations and the people who have celebrated birthdays they might otherwise not have. Shift to uplifting tone. Wonder what's next...

Ah, now we can see Apple Park in what is actually a pre-record. Tim Cook is excited about the ways we use iPhone everyday, but is going to start with Mac updates.

Apple Watch first. If this were live and not a carefully curated video, the phone-obsessed majority of the audience might audibly groan at this point. OK, it seems this is going to be an Apple Silicon discussion, with the predicted S9 chip.

18-hour battery life with a more powerful neural engine. Not actually that exciting, is it, even though Siri is now processing on-device.

Tim is back and he is talking about Apple's environmental goals. Oh, and a video. Interestingly there is a mention of increased water shipping rather than air freight – will the iPhone come slowly?

A lot of promises on Apple Watch Series 9 which Apple say is a Carbon Neutral - and certified as so. There is a logo to that effect. Seems at the same exciting, it's also a bit of a tricky thing to say just before you announce a Phone which may well not do so well!

On the same front, leather is out for watch bands and, probably, phone cases. We've seen hints about this elsewhere – a big opportunity for phone case makers serving less vegetarian customers?

Apple Watch Ultra – Ultra 2 – is getting the new S9 chip, a new brighter display – 3,000 nits – and the ability to connect Bluetooth cycling accessories. Lot of swooping drone shots near the coast. Battery life will stay the same, but the environment is getting a nod with 100% recycled materials and (if you choose the right loop) it'll also get Apple's new Carbon Neutral logo.

OK, "Now let's talk about iPhone..." :)

iPhone 15 is here, so the 1,600 nits OLED with 2,000 nits peak is confirmed, as is the dynamic island. New tough glass, water and dust resistance.

The new 48-megapixel sensor allows for a 12-megapixel 2-times zoom mode, a 2x button will appear in the camera. In video mode the pinch-zoom is smooth.

iphone 15

Summary art. (Image credit: Apple / YouTube)

Find your friends in a crowd (assuming they're using an Apple device). Machine learning driven background noise filtering is also being discussed. Roadside assistance (in America with AAA, anyway) is being added to satellite.

USB-C – without a single mention of the European Union mandate – is being given a big promo now by team Apple!

iphone 15 whole page

(Image credit: Apple / YouTube)

Tim is back – it's time to talk Pro!

Looks nice. Titanium confirmed and we're hearing a lot about how strong it is. Colors confirmed too (the dark blue being the 'interesting' one).

Talking Apple's A17 Pro CPU is impressive – more about the neural engine which finally means better auto-correct and, apparently, better at removing images from backgrounds. ProRes codec is on the chip too and a USB controller is on chip for fast transfer. 10Gb per second.

iphone 15 Pro colors

(Image credit: Apple / YouTub)

Joswiak's camera summary says there are effectively 7 lenses in the pocket, though the phone still seems to have 3 cameras!

iphone 15 Pro specs

(Image credit: Apple / YouTube)

Finally, iCloud is going to get some larger storage options than 2TB! Can't say how long I've been waiting for that (oh yes I can).

iphone 15 Pro specs

(Image credit: Apple / YouTube)