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The best photo frames in 2020: hang your images in style

best photo frames
(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you're on the hunt for the best photo frames, you've come to the right place. These days cameras, phones and computers come armed with an impressive amount of memory, making it easy to leave images sitting pretty on your hard drive. But when you've spent hours working with the best photo editing software to perfect your shots, it would be rude not to show them off on your shelf or on the wall. 

In order to do your images justice, however, you need to pick one of the best photo frames. Last thing you want is a shoddy frame distracting from your photographic talents. Here we've scoured the web to find you a gorgeous selection of the best traditional and digital photo frames to show off your most cherished memories. 

best photo frames

(Image credit: John Lewis)

The best photo frames for your walls

Excellent value for money
Variety of colors
Wall mount only 

If you've a series of cracking holiday or family photos, why not turn them into a eye-catching feature with this Gallery Perfect set of frames. One the best photo frames for walls we've seen, there's seven in total, which come in the following sizes: 

  • Four 6 x 8"(15 x 20cm) frame with 4 x 6" (10 x 15cm) mount
  • Two 8 x 10"(20 x 25cm) frame with 5 x 7" (13 x 18cm) mount
  • One 12 x 16"(30 x 40cm) frame with 8 x 12" (20 x 30cm) mount

The set also comes complete with two hanging templates, and it's available in a variety of colors – black, natural, white, grey and walnut – to suit any room. Stylish and excellent value for money, this is one photo frame arrangement that's hard to ignore.

best photo frames

(Image credit: Carrs)

02. Carrs Silver Photo Frame

The best photo frame for something – or that someone – special

Beautiful, classic design
Available in a range of sizes

The best photo frames don't distract from but enhance the image it holds, proved perfectly by this beautiful silver Carrs design photo frame. Mounted on a wood back, the silver edge is plain in its design and can stand both portrait and landscape. The particular model listed is 8 x 6" in size, but there are smaller and larger size options also available

It's by far the most expensive entry in our pick of the best photo frames, but if you've got an incredibly special photo that needs a home, this is well worth the investment. 

best photo frames

(Image credit: John Lewis)

03. Classic black Photo Frame

Frame your photos with this classic design

Highly affordable
Classic design
Wall mount only

Ah, the classic black photo frame. A go-to design for many a photographer, this simple but elegant frame will help your color photography pop and give black and white photos a timeless feel. Highly affordable, this popular design is available in black, white and grey, and in the following sizes:

Well made and surprisingly affordable, this contemporary design offers a modern, uncluttered feel, perfect for showcasing your most precious memories.

(Image credit: All Things Brighton Beautiful)

04. Copper hanging Photo Frame

The best photo frames if you want a touch of nostalgia

Acquired taste

At the other end of the spectrum are these vintage-style copper hanging photo frames from All Things Brighton Beautiful. Available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small (approx 4 x 6") to extra large (approx 11 x 14"), and in either portrait or landscape format, each frame is made from glass and antique zinc and finished off with either a rope or sari tie. 

Perfect for creating bespoke keepsakes of cherished moments, these are by no means your average best photo frames – and that's exactly why we like them. 

(Image credit: Umbra)

05. Umbra Luna Photo Art Display

The photo frame that's one-of-a-kind

Good quality
Standout design
Too quirky for some
Cheaper multiframes available

If you really want your photos to stand out, putting them in this quirky Umbra Luna photo frame is sure to do it.  Available in black or white, this one-of-a-kind multi frame can hold nine 4 x 6" photographs, with the design allowing each to be opened individually for ease of use. It's more expensive than your average multi photo frame but the design is anything but ordinary and all the admiring looks it's sure to get will quickly make you forget the extra cost. 

(Image credit: Posh Totty Designs Creates)

06. Square multi photo frame

The best photo frame for Insta fans

Excellent value for money
Can be personalised
Square images only

If you want to transport your Instagram grid into the real world, this charming multi photo frame is the perfect choice. The white 23 x 23cm design features 12 4 x 4cm square windows to place your chosen images, along with a text box beneath for a personalised message. 

A box design, this quality photo frame can be both hung or left free-standing. It also includes front protection with shatterproof plastic to help reduce the risk of breakages. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

07. Lillyvale Multi Picture Photo Frames

The perfect way to make a feature wall out of photos

Excellent value
Assorted sizes
Not the best quality

There's nothing quite like a feature wall of incredible photos, and this gorgeous selection of wooden photo frames will help you do just that. Available in both black and brown, the set includes 26 photo frames at the following sizes:

  • Two x 24x19cm 
  • Five x 17x12cm 
  • Seven x 9 x14cm 
  • Twelve x 8x12cm

The price for these frames works out at approximately £1.40 per item. Not only the perfect solution for transforming that empty wall into a work of art but a bargain to boot too! 

(Image credit: Amazon)

08. New England Solid Oak photo frame

The best photo frames for that rustic feel

Beautiful solid oak design
Varying sizes and picture format
Excellent quality
Some designs wall mount only

If your home has a rustic feel, this is one of the best photo frames to compliment your style. A solid oak design, this photo frame is both robust and beautiful, and offers space for five 4 x 6" photos in different formats. Want a different layout or size? The oak frame is also available in the following options:

It's worth noting the designs that offer multiple image options are wall mount only, while the standard single image photo frames can both freestand and be wall mounted either landscape or portrait. Ideal for any home, all frames are individually boxed, making them a perfect gift for that someone special.

(Image credit: Amazon)

09. Instagram Selfie Board Photo Frame

The best photo frame for avid Insta fans

Fun idea
Perfect for special occasions
Mostly one-off use

A slightly alternative option, but a brilliant photo frame for anyone Instagram obsessed. Pick from a number of different designs to suit the occasion, plus personalisation options, including names, messages, hashtags etc, can be addded to to make the frame extra special.

The Selfie Frame measures in at 508 x 717mm, made from high quality 5mm corrugated plastic, it's also fully water resistant, meaning you can get the perfect selfie come rain or shine.

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