Film vs Digital: 10 reasons every beginner should forget about film

Professional Photographer to the Rescue: a little gardening

Isn’t the Film vs Digital debate over? Some photographers get misty-eyed when they talk about film, but our friends at Photoventure reckon digital photography is a whole lot better. In their latest guest blog post they explain their reasons why.

Copy slides and old prints: a really easy way to digitize your archive

DIY Photography: a really easy way to copy slides and old prints

Do you have boxes full of old transparencies and prints lying around? Use this easy, low-tech way to copy slides and prints to bring them all back to life in the digital world.

Twitter photography conversation: #filmphotography versus #digital

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We like to get involved in conversations about photography on Twitter. Last week we decided to ask our Twitter followers about film photography. Here’s what we asked:

Photoshop video: Cross process effect in Adobe Camera Raw

How to mimic the cross processed look in CS5’s ACR interface to recreate a cool filmic effect In this cross process Photoshop tutorial video, you’ll find out how to recreate the classic film look in your digital photographs just using CS5’s Adobe Camera RAW interface. Discover how to adjust tones, exposure and more for the… Continue reading

Photoshop tutorial: Polaroid transfer effect

Give portraits a retro film look with this simple Photoshop Elements tutorial for recreating a Polaroid Transfer effect Want to recreate an analogue film effect for your digital photos? In just 6 easy steps, this Photoshop Elements tutorial will show you how to achieve a Polaroid transfer effect. The original technique involved applying a sheet… Continue reading

How to add traditional film effects in Photoshop Part 2 of 2

Edit your digital photographs to replicate a film effect look and give your landscapes an unusual twist. Once you’ve learned how to shoot and edit photographs, why not try experimenting with different creative techniques in Photoshop. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to add a cross-processed look which will help give your landscape shots… Continue reading

How to add traditional film effects in Photoshop Part 1 of 2

Replicate traditional film effects with your digital photographs to give your landscapes an unusual twist Once you’ve learned how to shoot and edit a traditional landscape shot, why not try something a little more creative? In this tutorial we’ll show you to replicate the look of traditional film, adding a cross-processed look to give your… Continue reading

Fix a film scan in Photoshop

No matter how bad the damage to a negative is, scan it and you can carry out a perfect edit in Photoshop Elements. Most modern desktop scanners have the capability to scan negatives without any major issues. Here, we show you how to take those scans and improve them dramatically.