XSories Weye Feye review: wirelessly control your DSLR from 80 metres away

XSories Weye Feye review: wirelessly control your DSLR from 80 metres away

The XSories Weye Feye wireless remote lets you control your DSLR from up to 80 metres away. But is it reliable? Find out how it performs in our XSories Weye Feye review.

XSories Weye Feye review: wirelessly control your DSLR from 80 metres away

There’s no shortage of options for wirelessly controlling your camera, from basic infra-red remotes to your camera’s manufacturer’s own range of Wi-Fi adaptors.

Weye Feye is much like the latter, emitting a powerful 802.11n Wi-Fi signal that’s detectable by a smartphone or tablet from up to 80 metres away.

Keep in close range and the signal’s latency peaks at an impressive 0.2 seconds, outstripping rivals to eliminate any noticeable lag between you and your camera.

The companion app lets you control basic camera functions like aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation, but thanks to the powerful hardware inside the device itself, Weye Feye will also relay your camera’s Live View stills and video feed, and allow you to tap to focus using your mobile device.

The overall experience is one of the slickest we’ve encountered, with commands performed instantly and barely any stuttering in the Live View feed.

Once you take a shot it’s automatically previewed, and then by switching to Gallery mode you can browse all the images stored on your camera’s memory card and select any you’d like to transfer or share.

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Inside the device is a 2000mAh Li-ion battery capable of powering seven to eight hours of Live View shooting. It’s sufficient to get the most out of the Weye Feye’s time-lapse feature.

This turns the app into an intervalometer so you can program your camera to shoot stills or video at predefined intervals and durations.

Externally the Weye Feye doesn’t look inspiring, though its orange rubber sleeve adds some useful shock protection and makes the device tough to lose.

The casing also incorporates mounting points for a couple of small straps that’ll attach the device to a tripod leg. Two USB inputs provide charging and the camera connection, though a cable for the latter isn’t included.

Weye Feye’s companion app is available for both iOS and Android devices, while camera compatibility includes most current DSLRs.

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However, more advanced features do vary between supported models and there’s no getting away from the hefty price tag. Even so, Weye Feye works wonders for wildlife photography or simply shooting from tricky angles.

Price: £199, $250

Score: 5/5


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