Best camera settings for shooting beach photography?

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    Do your beach photos come out too dark or suffer poor colour balance. Here are some of the best camera settings to use for your beach photography.

    For beaches where the sand or sea is very pale, it’s common for a camera’s light metering system to produce underexposed shots that look too dark. Review your shots using the histogram display, and dial in positive exposure compensation as required.

    Also a predominance of one particular bright colour can cause errors with auto white balance, so use a preset white balance setting that best suits the prevailing lighting conditions.

    If you’re taking action shots switch to Shutter-Priority shooting mode and use a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second or faster. It’s useful to also select auto ISO, so that the camera’s sensitivity will be increased if the lighting isn’t bright enough.

    How to set up your camera to shoot beaches

    Best camera settings for beach photography: exposure compensation

    1 Exposure compensation
    For beach scenes with predominantly bright content, you may need to apply anything from one-third to a full f/stop of positive exposure compensation, to avoid dark looking images.


    Best camera settings for beach photography: fill flash

    2 Fill flash
    Fill flash helps to avoid people looking underexposed against bright surroundings. It also reduces dark shadows from overhead sun, around the eyes and under the nose.


    Best camera settings for beach photography: white balance

    3 White balance
    For accurate colour rendition, set the white balance to a preset value that best suits the prevailing lighting conditions, typically either daylight (sunny) or cloudy.


    Best camera settings for beach photography

    4  Sunrise and sunset
    Beaches are great for sunrise and sunset shots. Again, use a preset white balance setting, this time either cloudy or shade for a progressively deeper orange glow.


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