Food photography banned!


Analysis by Photography Week

We’ve all done it: been on holiday or out with friends, and been so impressed with what we’ve been served in a restaurant that we can’t resist taking a quick photo, and sharing it with friends on Facebook and Twitter. But with food photography blogs becoming even more popular, The New York Times has reported that some restaurants in New York have had enough, and have imposed an outright ban on customers taking photos of their food – even if they’re just using their phone to grab a quick snap.

According to the report in The New York Times, chefs, proprietors and even customers are starting to get fed up with diners snapping away, and have decided to take action.

Most people, it seems, are quite discrete, but there are those who think nothing of mounting their SLR on a Gorillapod, a tripod, or even standing on their own chair, to get the shot they want.

Admittedly, we had no idea that food photographer was such a fad, at least, that it, until we read Photography Week’s interview with professional food photographer Nicole Young for issue 17 and discovered she had over 150,000 followers on Facebook. Some photographers now offer classes in iPhone food photography, and even the BBC has got in on the act, by publishing a guide to taking better food photos in response to The New York Times piece.

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