Man captured by Ring camera as lightning struck, now known as Lightning Rod!

ring camera footage
(Image credit: The Weather Channel - Screenshot)

A man in Florida has had a narrow escape after a bolt of lightning hit a tree just 75 meters away from where he was standing. The event was captured on a Ring security doorbell and despite the potentially life-threatening occurrence, Rodney Murphy remained pretty calm considering.  

The best Ring cameras are great additions to your smart home but not very often do they capture an event quite as explosive. The Amazon-owned company makes doorbells that not only sound distinctly different from other doorbells but they also double up as a security camera that can keep track of who approached your front door.

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Recently a man in Oxfordshire, UK, landed in trouble with the law after installing a Ring light on his house. Jon Woodard was taken to court by his neighbor Dr. Mary Fairhurst for infringing on his privacy after installing a collection of CCTV cameras including an Amazon Ring Doorbell. Woodward is now facing a potential fine of £100,000 after invading the privacy of Dr Fairhurst. 

Of course, the judge's ruling doesn’t make Ring cameras illegal - but it might make people more careful about where they are placed and make sure that it's ok with the neighbor for one to be installed. 

Lucky for Rodney Murphy, no one has reported him for his Ring Camera and no harm was caused to him following the blast in Sebring, Highlands County. In the video, the ring camera light The blast did give him a shock and in the video, he can be seen clenching his body before walking off into his house with a look of surprise. 

In an interview with News Channel 8, Murphy said “It was so bright, that’s why I thought I was I was hit”. His wife added, “What I heard was like a bomb had been dropped. The house shook and the bed”. According to Murphy’s wife, his new nickname given by other locals is “Lightning Rod.”

Not all lightning strikes are as explosive as this one and it's not clear why exactly it caused such a big bang but thankfully nobody was hurt and Lightning Rod lives to see another day. Who knows what else is Ring camera might capture...

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