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LIVE: Hasselblad launches the 100 megapixel X2D 100C

Watch the Livestream where Hasselblad launched its latest X-Series camera, the Hasselblad X2D 100c with 100MP sensor

Hasselblad X2D
(Image: © James Artaius)

At Hasselblad's "inspiration in every detail" event the Swedish company launched the latest camera to join the  X-Series line-up, the Hasselblad X2D 100c.

Hasselblad live event

(Image credit: Hasselblad)

The Hasselblad X-series has been a rather interesting journey for the medium format camera giant, first came the X1D with a newly equipped 50-megapixel medium format mirrorless sensor, then the X1D II which improved upon its predecessor's flaws. 

It has been rumored for a while that this compact medium format mirrorless system could inherit a larger megapixel medium format sensor from its big brother the Hasselblad H6D 100c, and I can see this logic coming into practice, the H series cameras rely on a mirror mechanism and therefore are a rather chunky and heavy setup to carry around, and more suited to studio use. 

But if that were true... what does that mean for the H-system that Hasselblad is renowned for? - Could we see the H development take a turn to mirrorless too or will the development stop in favor of the X-Series? 

Other noteworthy features that have allegedly come from a representative in France, according to Photo rumors are:

All these are worthy, even logical upgrades to the X1D II - they say there is no smoke without fire, but Hasselblad are yet to confirm any of the leaks so far. 

Hasselblad has teased a new product launch to take place today, September 07 at 09:00 EDT / 14:00 GMT / 23:00 AEST which promises to deliver something that will give "inspiration in every detail".

The launch event is now ready on YouTube to play as soon as the announcement goes live, the comment section is already proving to be a hoot with keen user commenting:

Hasselblad X2D leak

(Image credit: Weibo: Xjrumo)

Other comments have been looking forward to the new lenses, with some even suggesting a 1:! macro would be a good idea.  By one user commenting:

We are now less than 5 minutes away from finding out what the new Hasselblad X-Series has to offer. You can watch the live event via the Hasselblad YouTube channel below:

The count down has begun !

It's official the Hasselblad X2D 100C is here!

The X2D 100C now features a 100MP sensor !

It will now feature:

Hans Strand is now talking about his experience with the Hasselblad X2D 100c

This now means Hasselblad is a direct competitor to Fujifilm's GFX 100S, Hans it talking about holding the X2D 100c and taking an image at 1/1th second with the image being sharp thanks to its built-in IBIS

Hasselblad are now showcasing the enormous detail that the new 100 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor can deliver, from self-portraits to street photography from a Hasselblad Master - The Hasselblad X2D 100c is built for everyone.  

That is now the end of the Hasselblad live event.