Is Oppo set to release the ugliest phone ever made?

Supposed sighting of Oppo Find X7 Pro
(Image credit: 欧阳晓墨-Moss, Weibo)

As we eagerly await the launch of new flagship camera phones like the Samsung Galaxy S24, we also expect Oppo to launch its next top-tier offering around the same time. The upcoming Find X7 Pro has been rumored to feature a next-generation sensor produced in collaboration with Sony called the Lytia LYT-900: a 50MP, 1-inch chip that's also set to appear in the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. It's also been rumored that the Find X7 Pro will include a telephoto module with 2.7x effective zoom, based around a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor. A periscope telephoto module is thought to be present too, utilizing a Sony IMX858 sensor and offering 6x optical zoom. All modules are likely to benefit from image processing by Hasselblad.

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A supposed sighting of Oppo Find X7 Pro (Image credit: 欧阳晓墨-Moss, Weibo)

But while there's been lots of speculation around the camera tech inside the Find X7 Pro, we've only seen renders of what the new phone might look like... until now. The rumor mill has recently produced a possible sighting of a Find X7 Pro in the wild. Take this one with a hefty handful of salt though, as while the translated Weibo post states this is "undoubtedly" a Find X7 Pro, we can't verify that claim. There's also a pretty sizable red flag that hints at this not being a Find X7 Pro, or at least not the final production version: the phone in the photo is b*tt-ugly! If we're being kind, the octagonal camera bump is 'distinctive', but frankly the sheer size of the raised area - and the extent to which it protrudes from the rest of the back panel - is plain laughable. It looks more like an April Fools fake.

The camera bump on the Oppo Find X6 Pro isn't exactly subtle, but it is a little easier on the eye than the monstrosity we see on what might be the Find X7 Pro (Image credit: Future)

All that said, the camera bump on the Find X6 Pro is almost as large, although its circular shape is at least blended with the rest of the phone a little more seamlessly than we see in the Weibo image. Maybe there's an outside chance Oppo has dropped the ball here and signed off on a aesthetically 'challenging' design for the Find X7 Pro. We'll have to wait until next year to find out for certain though, as the X7 Pro could potentially drop in March if Oppo follows a similar release schedule to the Find X6 Pro.

Story credit: HotHardware

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