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When we take a photo, we are usually attempting to record the scene we see in front of us, but this issue’s lead feature is dedicated to capturing things we can’t see with the naked eye: freezing an instant of time with a flash or compressing a much longer passage of time into a single image; or revealing what’s beyond the observable colour spectrum, delving into the realms of infrared and ultraviolet light.

Our Apprentice also learns to see the world around him differently, as fine art pro Ben Brain sets him a range of challenges designed to hone his picture-taking skills and see things with his mind’s eye.

Sticking to the ‘capturing things you don’t ordinarily see’ theme, our Big Test this issue is all about macro – lenses that enable you to see the world in microscopic detail, and pitching Nikon’s shiny new Z-mount MC 105 and MC 50 against more established F-mount optics.

We have a range of projects to try, including conveying motion with slow shutter speeds, tried-and-tested techniques for shooting motor sports, capturing a caricature-like pet portrait with a fisheye lens and using a projector to overlay computer-generated images into scenic shots. 

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Back issues of N-Photo are available online

Back issues of N-Photo are available online (Image credit: Future)

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