We’re rapidly moving where any image of a person will be easily remixed to make a compelling new video

Still from ample AI video generated by Open AI's Sora app
Still from a sample AI video generated by Open AI's Sora app (Image credit: Open AI)

If you witnessed the first attempts at Generative AI video a year ago, including ‘Will Smith Eating Spaghetti’, I share your horror. If you haven’t, trust me, don’t Google it. As with all things AI, the technology has experienced a generational leap in fidelity in the year since those early demonstrations.

People who are part of the Hugging Face AI community will have had a heads-up about what was coming, but many members of the general public lost their minds when OpenAI took to X (formerly Twitter) in February  to share SORA, its text-to-video Generative AI Model. 

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Jon Devo

Jon is a gadget reviewer, content creator and influencer. He spends his time reviewing products, covering technology news, giving talks on content strategy and creating content in partnership with a wide variety of forward-thinking brands. He also contributes to commercial radio, as well as in national print newspapers and magazines.