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Photo Quiz #2: how much do you really know about photography?

Photo Quiz #2: how much do you really know about photography?
(Image credit: N-Photo Magazine)

Think you know all about your camera gear and photography? Well why not test yourself with our latest photo quiz, and see how much you really know by trying to answer all ten of the questions... It is a great way of keeping your mind occupied during these troubled times!

All the questions are multiple choice, and you can see if you are right as soon as you give your answer (and can also see what percentage of others got the question wrong!)

From depth of field to digital image file types, photographers in films to filters, these multiple choice questions will prove if you're a photo mastermind or a complete novice snapper. 

If you missed our first photo quiz earlier in the week, you might like to try that one too. 

Good luck – and if you do well, shout it loud and share your results with the social buttons. 

Photo quiz #2

We will be bringing you more quizzes over the coming days and weeks, to help you to pass the time – alongside our mix of home photo projects, photo editing courses, DIY hacks, and listicles.

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