Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet)

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    The key to choosing the best camera settings for sunsets is to make sure you capture the sunset’s colours as they are, not how the camera ‘thinks’ they should be.

    You might also need to adjust the exposure settings to suit the conditions, too, because in extreme lighting situations the camera might not interpret the scene in the way you expect.

    In our photography cheat sheet below we’ve provided some of the best camera settings for sunsets. Use these as a starting point and then let your creativity take over!

    Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet)

    Image by Chris Rutter

    It’s hard to resist the colours at sunset, but watch your exposure to make the most of them.

    Exposing for the sky gives you the best colours, but the foreground will become very dark. Use an ND grad filter to balance the exposure.

    Best camera settings for sunsets

    Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet)

    Click on the infographic to see the larger version, or drag and drop to your desktop to download.

    Exposure mode

    Focus mode

    Shutter speed
    1/30sec or longer


    100 or lower


    Drive mode

    White balance

    Final Tip
    If you don’t have a neutral density grad fi lter, shoot twice – once exposed for the sky and another for the land. Combine them in Photoshop.


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