Raw format vs JPEG: how much can you REALLY recover in raw?

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    Raw format vs JPEG is a question that has long-haunted many photographers. We know the obvious benefits of shooting in raw format, but JPEGs also have their benefits.

    It’s well known that raw files retain a wider dynamic range than JPEGs, and photographers often rely on raw format to hold shadow and highlight detail in high-contrast scenes which they can then recover later on with their photo editing software on their computer.

    But how much leeway do you really have?

    In our latest photography cheat sheet below we performed an exposure test of original JPEGs and processed raw files, which reveals just what raw can do… and what it can’t.

    Click on the infographic to see the large version, or drag and drop it to your desktop to download.

    Raw format vs JPEG: how much can you REALLY recover in raw?

    PAGE 1: Raw format vs JPEG: how much can you really recover?
    PAGE 2: What you can and can’t change in raw


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