Profoto D2 500 Air-TTL review

Easy to use, main-powered studio lighting. Profoto is still the only brand that offers products with TTL auto exposure control

Profoto D2 500 Air-TTL review
(Image: © Profoto)

Digital Camera World Verdict

Wireless TTL control takes the guesswork out of flash exposures and makes the D2 very easy to use. It’s mains powered only, though, so some photographers will want the flexibility of battery power as well.


  • +

    Extensive system of light-shaping accessories

  • +

    Air-TTL now supports Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic cameras

  • +

    Compact size for the flash output


  • -

    No battery power option

  • -

    There are cheaper ways to have 500 joules of flash

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As Profoto continues to expand its family of professional lighting products with TTL auto exposure control, what’s most surprising is that it remains the only brand offering this feature. True, the company now has patents in place to protect its technology, but the bottom line here is very much the bottom… it costs a huge amount to develop TTL control protocols and, so far, nobody else appears willing to make the considerable investment. So perhaps it’s only fair that Profoto reaps the rewards of its commitment with hot-selling products.

Key specs

Maximum flash power: 500 joules.
Guide Number/f-stop: f32.0 (built-in reflector at one metre and ISO 100).
Variable Power Output: Ten stops, adjusted in 1/10 stop increments.
Flash Duration (t=0.5): 1/2600 second. Up to 1/63,000 second in ‘Freeze’ mode.
Recycling Time: 0.6 seconds to 500 joules.
Modelling Lamp: 300 watts halogen.
Model Lamp Control: Proportional, maximum, free adjustment, off.
Triggering: Sync connector, switchable photo cell, radio frequency.

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