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Save up to $110 with these Lensbaby Cyber Week camera lens deals!

Lensbaby Cyber Monday
(Image credit: Lensbaby)

If you love getting creative, you'll love these Lensbaby Cyber Monday deals on the Velvet lenses. Lensbaby lenses are a fantastic way to add a little bit of spice to your photography with beautiful vintage lens-inspired effects. Right now both the Lensbaby Velvet 28 and 56 are reduced by $109.99, while the Velvet 85 is discounted by $99.99, for a variety of lens mounts…  

The Lensbaby Velvets are among the most creative lenses we've ever used. As soft focus optics, they enable you to shoot unique images with a dreamy glow. And, with their 1:2 macro capability, they double as close-up lenses (with the same ethereal soft focus, if you so choose). On top of that, they triple as regular lenses, as you can stop them down to eliminate the signature Velvet effect, whereupon they render with surprisingly good sharpness. This trio of uses makes the Velvet lenses some of the most versatile optics out there – and dispel the stereotype that Lensbabies are one-trick ponies. They're also brilliant for video, enabling you to create dreamy in-camera effects with ease. 

Take advantage of some of our favorite Lensbaby Cyber Monday deals above – and don't wait too long, as the discounts won't hang around forever!

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