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LIVE Sigma launch event: super fast nifty fifty plus HUGE updates for Sigma fp & L

Sigma to announce new products at Sigma Stage Online event - but will it be a lens or a camera? Watch LIVE to find out

Sigma Product lineup 2022 on a black background under spotlight
(Image: © Sigma)

Sigma has today announced a new edition to its superior Art series of lenses, the  Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG DN | Art which now completes the full set of the Art series from Sigma.

This all-new 50mm f/1.4 DG DN | Art is the latest lens to join Sigma’s growing line-up of fast-aperture DG DN Art primes, which have been designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, which are also available in L-Mount and Sony E-mount.


While the rumors mills are still going strong for Sigma to announce a new camera, we're not convinced that this announcement will have anything to do with a camera, purely based on the time limit, 30 minutes to a good time, but not if you really want to demonstrate the power of a new camera.

So then, that really just leaves lenses that could be involved with this update.

Today is the day that Sigma will announce new products on  February 7 at 7 AM US, 12 PM UK or 11 PM AUS.  The event will be called "Sigma Stage Online" and it is expected to last around 30 minutes.

We are now just over 30 minutes away to find out what Sigma might have in store, some are suggesting a new camera launch, others are suggesting that it could be a new lens - while others think its an announcement to say the have done a deal with Nikon and the Z-mount is available on Sigma lenses.

There are many comments in the official YouTube chat about today announcement.

Sigma has been announced in the YouTube chat:

Sigma announce a new 50mm f1/.4 to the new Art lineup!

the Art areas will now consist of:

The new lens will have a de-clickable aperture ring, perfect for filmmakers, and AF-L button that will be a customizable button when mounted on selected cameras 

The new 50mm f/1.4 is only 607g in weight and a mere 109.5mm in height, making it almost half the size of the original HSM that was designed for DSLRs.

We are now being shown a selection of images taken with the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG DN | Art

Sigma 50mm

(Image credit: Sigma)

Sigma have also announced that new firmware for the Sigma fp and Sigma fp L which offer a vast array of updates from Open Gate, new Warm Gold color profile and many other useful features for filmmakers

The new firmware for the Sigma fp and Simga fp L will be available to download from the support section of Sigma's website tomorrow, February, 8, 2023.

That concludes the Sigma Stage Online event.

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