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Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro launch: Google unveils its latest phones alongside the Pixel Watch 2

Follow the live launch with us as we find out all the details about the new flagship Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 launch poster
(Image: © Google)

Google is getting ready to unveil its flagship Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro phones for 2023. 

Following on from the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro from last year, we are not expecting many shocks with this year's models similar models to last year, but with the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro rocking new Google processors unlocking some expected new AI photo and video editing magic. Google might also have some other surprises up its sleeve too.


Luckily thanks to Google's very leaky ship, we already know most of what Google is planning to announce tomorrow. You can check out our extensive breakdown of all the leaks for more information.

Based on early rumors, looks like are expecting a slight upgrade on the cameras on the Pixel 8 Pro. A rarity in phones, as it is usually the forgotten camera, but looks like the Pixel 8 Pro will be improving on the ultrawide camera with a much larger 48MP sensor over the usual 12MP sensor (which the regular Pixel 8 is still stuck with). This camera also should have better macro performance. The rumored sizes of the three cameras on the Pixel 8 Pro are as follows.

Just putting the Pixel 8 launch to one side for just a second, the latest info unearthed by APK Insight, suggests that Google might be working on a flip phone. While we are fairly confident that this won't be revealed tomorrow as Google is terrible at keeping secrets, but it's interesting to see that the Pixel family might be expanding soon, and also shows Google's growing confidence in its phones, which many predicted would not last.

The switch to Google's new Tensor G3 SoC means the Pixel 8 should be capable of 8K30 video recording, at least in terms of its raw processing ability. Whether or not Google will be able to deal with the thermals side of this is another matter. We do know that the Pixel 8 will feature:

Just a couple of hours now until the big event. 

The phones are also tipped to come with pre-order bonuses including a free Pixel Watch 2 with the Pixel 8 Pro, and a free pair of Pixel Buds Pro with the Pixel 8. 

Just over 30 minutes to go! What are we all most excited for? 

10 minutes to go and the obligatory hype video has just started!

Currently over 65,000 people tuned in for live stream, a lot of people are eagerly anticipating these phones!

Google's intro video very cleverly sends up just how terrible they are for leaking practically everything about their phones! Worth a watch.

Pixel is the fastest growing smartphone brand, and the only brand gowing in units sold YoY apparently!

Get ready for a lot of AI talk over the next hour. Google is already teeing up the biggest improvements in this years phones to be its AI enhanced cameras and editing software.

AI is also coming to the Pixel Buds Pro, with improved Clear Calling, with reduced background noise processed by AI. They will also double the Bluetooth bandwidth. The very curated sample that Google just played sounded super impressive. Can't wait to try this in the real world.

Starting with the Pixel Watch 2 today. 

Pixel Watch 2 with its new blue strap (Image credit: Google)

The Pixel Watch 2 works even better with brand new and improved sensors as Fitbit's newly redesigned app for even deeper insights into your health. Google stripped back the health features on the original Pixel Watch, which was an odd choice after spending a lot of money to acquire Fitbit, so it is great to actually see a more serious take on health with this newer model.

Pixel Watch 2 will start at $349 for the WiFi only version, but will offer a more expensive LTE enabled version. The Pixel Watch 2 will only come in one size.

It is finally time for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro!

Unsurprisingly, all the colors and design leaks have turned out to be completely accurate. The colors for the Pixel 8 will be Hazel, Obsidian (black), and Rose. The colors for the Pixel 8 Pro will be Bay (blue), Obsidian, and Porcelain. 

Pixel phones will now be easier to repair, with a partnership with iFixit to make it easier for third parties to repair Pixel 8 phones (or you attempt it yourself, although we would not recommend this).

The Pixel 8 has a new Actua display that is 40% brighter than the Pixel 7.

The new temperature sensor on the back can basically be used as a thermometer on just about anything, so you can work out if you are sick, or more importantly, exactly when your coffee is too cold!

The new Google Tensor 3 chip is (obviously) better than before. It was now run twice the amount of machine learning models as the Pixel 6 (which is a slightly skewed comparison to make). 

Onto the cameras. The big improvements this year are based on video performance, which has always been a weak spot for Pixels. Although after declaring it is better, Google sped through this a little, so I guess we will have to wait and get our hands on the phones to see exactly how it is better.

AI is also coming to audio (what isn't it coming to) and now Pixels will let you reduce distracting sounds in videos with Audio Magic Eraser. By creating distinct layers in audio you can remove specific layers of noise during editing. Perfect for removing traffic noise, sirens or barking dogs.

Group photos are also improved with new Best Take feature, which uses a series of photos in a burst so you can pick the expression for every person individually in the image.

Magic Editor will now let you select and move objects while editing photos, you can also pinch to shrink or grow objects. We have seen this on other phones and software, so it is good to see Google playing catch up with this one.

The Google Pixel 8 features (Image credit: Google)

Onto the Pixel 8 Pro. Every camera in the Pixel 8 Pro is upgraded. With a 50MP main sensor and two 48MP sensors for the ultrawide and telephoto cameras, the telephoto camera also now lets in more light.

The Pixel 8 Pro also comes with a new Pro Photo mode, which lets you control every aspect of the photo-taking process just like you are shooting with a mirrorless camera, like aperture or ISO. 

A new feature called Video Boost will now boost the HDR content and color of your videos using computational models as well as enabling Night Sight video, for improved video in low light. 

Google is showing a long video about shooting at night using the new Video Boost feature, which is also its Video Night Sight feature (a bit confusing). Night Sight video looks so impressive in Google's (curated) examples!

The feature won't be ready for launch but will come later in a Pixel Feature Drop toward the end of the year.

Google's Assistant on Pixels will now be improved by integrating with Google's Bard AI model. Like with all AI previews, there are lots of promises of how easy AI will make your life by using your data for deep learning. However, take this with a grain of salt as my Google Assistant still sometimes struggles to turn my lights on and off...

Assistant with Bard should be able to help you by analyzing your screen content for better responses, as well as helping you plan and make lists by scouring the internet for you and pulling in helpful information.

More on Magic Eraser. Instead of correcting images with content-aware fill, the new Magic Eraser on Pixel 8 Pro will now use generative AI to completely recreate background pixels when removing or moving objects to fill in the space. This is the same as Adobe's Firefly AI in Photoshop (and might even be using the same tech as Google and Adobe do have a partnership in this area). But using it directly in Google Photos might be the easiest way to use generative AI we have seen yet!

Zoom and enhance! Anyone who watches a lot of cop shows needs to buy a Google Pixel Pro. The Pixel 8 Pro can now enhance an image as it zooms in using AI. Sci-fi writer's dreams are finally coming true!

Pixel 8 will start at $699, be available in three colors, Obsidian (black), Rose, and Hazel, and will be available starting next week in stores or can be pre-ordered now.

The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will now have 7 years of OS updates, Feature Drops, and security updates! Which takes it all the way until 2030! This even beats Apple's official product updates, which you can be sure that Google did not fail to mention on stage.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro features list (Image credit: Google)

And that is a wrap! Lots of exciting stuff in there that sounds like the Pixel 8, but especially the Pixel 8 Pro is now the phone to beat when it comes to the best camera phone.

Preorder the new Pixel 8 now:

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