Is this AI wearable the future of mobile photography?

Humane AI Pin attached to a sweatshirt
(Image credit: Luke Baker / Digital Camera World)

If you missed all the hubbub when it was initially announced, the Humane AI Pin is an entirely new type of device that's designed to replace your smartphone. You wear it like a lapel pin and it works a bit like a Star Trek Next Gen communicator. You tap the front of it to interact and, from that point on, it’ll respond to your queries like a supercharged Alexa.

Sounds a bit bonkers, right? Well, it gets even more bizarre. There's no display and if you want to use it without speaking, it’ll project a monochromatic UI onto your hands, which can be controlled via a series of finger and hand gestures.

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Luke Baker
Freelance Writer

Luke is a freelance tech journalist who has been working in consumer electronics for over a decade. His specialties include cameras, drones, computing, VR, and smartphones. Previously Features Editor at Pocket-lint, Luke can now be found contributing reviews and features to a variety of tech publications, as well as running a YouTube channel called Neon Airship in his spare time.