"The enthusiasm is back, just like when I started out 38 years ago" – A year with a Leica M11

Photo by Jeremy Walker
(Image credit: Jeremy Walker)

I have switched to using a Leica M11 rangefinder and I must live with that decision, there is no going back, for many expensive reasons. 

My first trip of the year was to Venice. If there is one city suited to using a small, compact camera, it’s Venice. The trip started well, the check-in staff ignored my small Billingham bag with its one body and four lenses and the usual battle for overhead luggage space, for once, did not happen.

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Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker is an award-winning professional photographer with many years of experience specialising in high-quality landscape and location photography from around the world for use by advertising, design, and corporate clients. A belief in 'quality is everything', a meticulous approach and a far-reaching vision and style serve Jeremy and his clients well.