Push your smartphone footage to new frontiers with ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth Q4
(Image credit: ZHIYUN)

Using a smartphone gimbal is a great way to capture sharp and steady video footage, whether you're a professional content creator or hobbyist wanting to get more from their phone camera when out with family and friends.

Pioneering brand ZHIYUN has just launched its innovative new ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4, a portable and compact smartphone gimbal that joins the SMOOTH Q range to take mobile video creation further than ever before.

Thanks to its portable size, fantastic feature set and intuitive controls, the SMOOTH Q4 enables super-quick shooting on the move, and easy capture of live-streams, vlogs and engaging lifestyle content – whatever your skill level.

The ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 can be unfolded in a matter of moments so that you don't miss a shot. It has a clever arm design and an improved feel and grip compared to the SMOOTH Q3. Once up, an extendable rod makes it possible shoot in landscape or portrait format, as well as a wide range of angles, which really increases the options for creative framing.

Zhiyun Smooth Q4

The extendable rod allows you to hold the smartphone further away from you, as well as in different orientations (Image credit: ZHIYUN)

Zhiyun Smooth Q4

The ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 can be operated intuitively with one hand, leaving the other free for expressive movement (Image credit: ZHIYUN)

Given that smartphones are meant to be the ultimate portable recording device, you don't want a heavy gimbal to slow you down. Fortunately, the SMOOTH Q4 only weighs 370g, and it is designed for one-handed operation thanks to the multi-functional control wheel. You simply press it to adjust the brightness or slide to adjust the focal length. In addition, there's a well-organized control panel on the main shaft that keeps settings within easy reach.

Zhiyun Smooth Q4

The SMOOTH Q4's small sizing at 181 x 108 x 56mm makes it easy to stow away when you've finished filming (Image credit: ZHIYUN)

The right lighting is incredibly important for recording video footage, but you should be able to use the ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 confidently in both bright and low-light environments, as it has a double-sided magnetic fill light at 5500K with four levels of adjustable brightness. This is a boon for videographers who want to create a cinematic storytelling look, even when recording in the dark!

Zhiyun Smooth Q4

The ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 has a tripod stand so that you can use it without having to hold it (Image credit: ZHIYUN)

Shooting footage is only half of the content creation story, and arguably your editing process is just as important. Every ZHIYUN gimbal works alongside a dedicated ZY Cami smartphone app, which is available for iOS and Android.

With the updated ZY CAMI App there are even more SmartShooting capabilities, including a new feature called SMART Templates BTS (Behind the Scenes). This essentially allows the user to film using a selected template, which imitates the BTS camera movement and shows the filmmaker how best to move the camera to shoot the template video. After shooting, users can compare their footage side by side on a split-screen with the template.

Using the ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 alongside the ZY Cami app unlocks a myriad of built-in templates integrated with customized movements, special effects and even music. The idea is everyone can be a master of filmmaking – using just their smartphone.

Other clever movement features include SmartFollow 3.0 to ensure that the subject is always in the centre of the frame, Gesture Control which starts recording with a movement towards the camera and Live Stream Master, which offers clever face-tracking.

Zhiyun Smooth Q4

(Image credit: ZHIYUN)

Zhiyun logo

(Image credit: Zhiyun)

ZHIYUN is a popular brand in the gimbal market for consumers and pro creatives. ZHIYUN conducts plenty of research and development before releasing new products, and strives to push the boundaries of video creation.
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The ZHIYUN SMOOTH Q4 allows photographers to add cinematic effects to their video creations, the likes of which were once only available in Hollywood movies. 

Unlike larger and more cumbersome products that are on the market, it packs a host of clever features into a compact form – one that fits in a small bag yet can be unfolded rather seamlessly when needed in a hurry.

On sale now, content creators and professionals alike are sure to find so many creative ways to use the new SMOOTH Q4 smartphone gimbal from one of the world's most trusted gimbal brands.

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