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Cyber Monday GoPro deals: top discounts on the world's most famous action camera!

We scour the Internet for the best Cyber Monday GoPro deals – keep this article open for LIVE updates

Cyber Monday GoPro deals
(Image: © Digital Camera World/GoPro/Getty)

As we head into Cyber Monday, we're going to bring you the best deals we can find on GoPro cameras and accessories, and we've already tracked down some great bargains.

Just keep this special Live Report open in your browser – it will automatically update with new GoPro deals, news and tips as we add them.

• Don't forget: we are also keeping a full list of the best Cyber Monday camera deals (opens in new tab) organised into sections and constantly checked for the latest prices and availability. We'll bring you the latest Cyber Monday deals updates in this live report, but if you want to see all the best deals so far, use that article!

• Adobe – 40% off Creative Cloud all apps deal (opens in new tab)
• Adorama – All the best camera deals at Adorama (opens in new tab)
• Amazon – Get camera and photo kit with super fast Prime delivery (opens in new tab)
• B&H Photo – Daily deals on cameras, laptops and more (opens in new tab)
• Best Buy – Save on TVs, laptops, appliances and more (opens in new tab) 

 Wex Photo Video – Great deals from the UK's biggest camera outlet (opens in new tab)
 Park Cameras – Amazing savings from the imaging specialist (opens in new tab)
 John Lewis – The latest deals from one of the most trusted retailers (opens in new tab)
 Jessops - Cashback and coupon deals from the iconic camera store (opens in new tab)
• Amazon – Get your camera kit delivered fast with Amazon Prime (opens in new tab)
 Adobe - 39% off the Creative Cloud all-apps plan (opens in new tab)

We're on these sites (and more) all the time and we'll be posting our favorite deals, live as we find them. Happy shopping!


Welcome to our Cyber Monday GoPro deals live blog! As well as posting the latest and best Cyber Monday GoPro deals, we'll also be giving you tips on which GoPro to get and some of the best GoPro accessories to get with it.

GoPro Hero10 Black Accessories Bundle

(Image credit: GoPro)

US DEAL: So let's kick off with the best deal we've yet to find on the GoPro that everyone wants – the GoPro Hero10 Black. You can save a huge $200 when you get the Hero10 Black for $349.98 direct from GoPro (opens in new tab), or an even more impressive $270 when you go for the $399.98 Accessories Bundle (opens in new tab).

The GoPro site really is the best place to go right now for the Hero10 Black. If you take out the GoPro Subscription (opens in new tab) trial you save $100, PLUS you get a free additional battery, case, Shorty tripod grip, & Swivel Clamp if you choose the Accessories bundle. The free trial to GoPro's VIP subscription service gets you unlimited cloud storage to your footage, generous discounts on accessories and a camera replacement service. You can cancel this add-on in the second year (that otherwise costs $60).

UK DEAL: UK buyers can get the same great discount. Here, the GoPro Hero10 Black is £329.98 direct from GoPro (opens in new tab), which is a £200 saving and includes a 1-year GoPro subscription, while the GoPro Hero10 Black Accessories bundle is £379.98 (opens in new tab) – that's a £270 saving!

Is the Hero10 Black Accessories bundle worth getting? Well let's see what you get. It includes the GoPro Hero10 Black itself (obviously), plus the Magnetic Swivel Clip, spare battery, Shorty grip/mini-tripod, a 32GB V30 microSD card and a camera case. That collection of kit only adds $50 to the US price and £50 to the UK price, so that sounds like a great deal all on its own!

GoPro Hero9 Black

(Image credit: GoPro)

Is the Hero9 Black worth getting? Yes and no! So like a lot of other camera makers, GoPro keeps older models on sale at lower prices to get new users into the system. And the fact is that the previous GoPro Hero 9 is a great camera in itself. We've published an in-depth GoPro Hero9 Black vs Hero10 Black (opens in new tab) comparison that shows the older model isn't so far behind the new one. However, right now the GoPro Hero9 Black is $349.98 direct from GoPro (opens in new tab) – that's exactly the same price as the Hero10! So in principle the Hero9 Black may become available at lower prices than the Hero10 Black and be worth considering, but while they are the same price, it's no contest!

Is the GoPro Hero8 still worth getting? Yes, it is – it all comes down to price. If you want to see how the specs compare, see our in-depth GoPro Hero8 vs 9 Black (opens in new tab) comparison. 

 US DEAL The Hero8 Black is still a great action camera, and the best US price we've seen so far is not from the GoPro store this time, but from B&H, where you can get the GoPro Hero8 Black for just $249.99 (opens in new tab) – but that deal ends at close of play on Cyber Monday.

 US DEAL You can still get a good deal at the GoPro store, though, because although the GoPro Hero8 Black price is $279.98 (opens in new tab), that does include a 1-year GoPro subscription worth $70 in itself, so if you take that into account the price is lower still.

• UK DEAL In the UK, the GoPro Hero8 Black is £259.98 with a free 1-year subscription at the GoPro store (opens in new tab). We'll keep looking but, to be honest, we're not sure we're going to find a better deal than that.

SmallRig GoPro Buckle to Arca-Style Quick Release Plate

(Image credit: Smallrig/B&H)

US DEAL Oh, now this is neat! This SmallRig GoPro Buckle to Arca-Style Quick Release Plate (opens in new tab) is an adaptor for the GoPro Buckle 'foot' that lets you slot it on to a regular Arca Swiss tripod head (I guess the clue was in the product name, huh?). Better still B&H has it reduced for Cyber Monday, down from $15.99 to $13.59. Well, every little helps!

Get a spare battery! How much does a battery for a GoPro Hero9 Black or Hero10 Black cost? Just $19.99 from B&H (opens in new tab) (or Adorama or the official GoPro store). That's cheap compared to regular camera batteries, and they don't last that long so it makes sense to carry spares. This isn't a special Cyber Monday price, just a cheap price generally. Of course, you might be able to get a spare battery free with the right GoPro Bundles – like the $399.98 GoPro HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle (opens in new tab) we've already raved about!

US DEAL Ok, so the GoPro Hero 7 (opens in new tab) may not be the latest version and it doesn't offer 5.7K video like the GoPro Hero 10 BUT it does still have HyperSmooth video stabilization and at just $249 for the GoPro Hero 7  (opens in new tab)Bundle it's still a great deal! The bundle includes the camera, a rechargeable battery, a frame, curved adhesive mount, flat adhesive mount, a USB-C cable, a floating hang grip and much more! Available now from B&H Photo Video.

US DEAL if you want a decent action cam but don't want to splash the cash on the latest GoPro, the GoPro Hero 8 Black (opens in new tab) still packs a punch. It features HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization, an improved HDR mode, night lapse video and it's super durable thanks to its rugged design. You can now buy the GoPro Hero 8 from Adorama for just $249 - that's a saving of $50 (opens in new tab)!

US DEAL It isn't much good getting your perfect GoPro only to load it with a memory card that's not big or fast enough to keep up with the action. There are plenty of microSD card deals out there right now, but we reckon this SanDisk 256GB Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card (opens in new tab) is one of the best, on offer at B&H for just $37.99!

This microSDXC card strikes a great balance of capacity, speed, quality and cost. Larger 512GB and 1TB capacities are also available if you need additional storage, and both are equally great value this Cyber Monday, with a similar price per gigabyte of storage space.

GoPro HERO10 Black with Sport Accessory Kit

(Image credit: GoPro/Adorama)

US DEAL Adorama has a whole bunch of GoPro + accessories deals, including this GoPro HERO10 Black with Sport Accessory Kit for $475 (opens in new tab), which brings a $50 saving. The thing is, is it better than GoPro's own Hero10 Black + Accessories deal for $399.98 (opens in new tab)? The GoPro store deal takes some beating, but these kits are different. The Adorama kit comes with a 64GB microSD card and Froggi Extreme Sport 40-Piece Accessories Kit, so it depends what you need. In fact, the Adorama Hero10 Black offer has multiple configurations, so can pick and choose which combos you want. Still think the GoPro shop Hero10 Black deals (opens in new tab) look better, though.


(Image credit: GoPro)

GoPro MAX deals Here we are, going on and on about the GoPro Hero, and all the time the official GoPro store has got this great deal on the GoPro MAX! So right now you can get the GoPro MAX for just $399.98 (opens in new tab), and that's a saving of $150. It's a global offer so the GoPro store should switch to the equivalent in your local currency) – so the UK GoPro MAX deal is just £379.95 (opens in new tab), for example. On top of that you get a free 1-year GoPro subscription for cloud backup, auto uploads and more.

So if you're a GoPro fan and you haven't yet experimented with the brain-bending potential of 360 imaging – this is probably the best (i.e. the cheapest) chance you'll get!

SanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB microSDXC UHS-I

(Image credit: Sandisk/Best Buy)

Don't forget your memory! We've got a whole section devoted to the best Cyber Monday memory and storage deals (opens in new tab) on our massive Cyber Monday deals (opens in new tab) guide, but this includes all kinds of storage, when if you've got a GoPro (or you're getting one), you'll need a microSD card. This SanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB microSDXC UHS-I V30 card is just $19.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab), which looks like a REALLY good deal.

GoPro Hero10 Black Cyber Monday

(Image credit: GoPro)

WORLDWIDE ALERT: The amazing GoPro store deals end at midnight, so if you do actually want to get the GoPro Hero10 Black + Accessories bundle for just $398 (opens in new tab) (or its equivalent in your local currency), you'd better do it right now! First off, you're getting a huge saving of $260; second, you're getting a free 1-year GoPro subscription.

Seriously, we haven't seen ANY OTHER GoPro Hero10 Black deals anywhere else that even come close to this – the Hero10 Black may never be this cheap again!

US DEAL So here's a question: do you need a gimbal for an action cam when it has its own stabilization? Well, it depends how you shoot and what you expect. The point is that a gimbal does something quite different to stabilization – it deliberately slows camera movements to make them smoother and more professional looking, in a way that stabilizers can't. 

So if you like your video to look cinematic and smooth, getting a gimbal for your GoPro could be a smart move – especially when you can get the Feiyu G5 Handheld Gimbal for GoPro HERO7/6/5/4 for just $99.99 at B&H (opens in new tab) – that's half price, but stocks are limited!

It's a bit of a no-brainer if you have a Hero4-7, as in the product description, but what if you have a Hero8 or newer? Our guess is that the G5 went on sale when the Hero7 was new, and the product description does say it's suitable for any action cameras of a similar size. Check out the video above to see it in action.

US DEAL Launched in 2018, the GoPro Hero 7 Black was the best of its kind at the time. Even though it's now been toppled by newer models, it's still an excellent bit of kit. It was the first GoPro to benefit from HyperSmooth stabilization and can shoot 4K in stunning clarity. It also has handy features such as voice control and a small front-facing screen that displays your settings. The GoPro Hero 7 is now on sale as a bundle from B&H Photo Video for just $249 (opens in new tab). That's a special Cyber Monday saving of $100!

5 different uses for a GoPro

GoPro's are marketed as being action cams - and they absolutely are! They're the perfect device to capture outdoor pursuits or underwater adventures, but that's not their only use. Find out just how versatile GoPro's really are below...

1) GoPro's are great safety devices, you can use them to record your journey on two wheels just in case you get into an accident. In fact, we rate the GoPro Hero 10 (opens in new tab) as one of the best helmet cameras (opens in new tab) you can buy. 

2) Ever wanted to take your portraits to the next level? You can use a GoPro to create stunning underwater shots that are sharp and high-resolution. You don't need expensive underwater housing to take mermaid-inspired photos. 

3) They're great for capturing memories from holidays, day trips or special occasions. Paired with one of the best selfie sticks (opens in new tab) you can make sure that you and all of your friends and family are in shot. Whether you're shooting videos or taking photos, they're a great tool plus they're super portable. 

4) A slightly more quirky use for a GoPro is attaching one to your pet. There are some excellent videos on YouTube of dogs running about with one attached to their back. Not only does it give you a view of the world from your dog's perspective but it also gives you insight into what your pet gets up to when you're not around!

5) The obvious one is outdoor adventures. At the end of the day, this is what they're designed for and they absolutely excel at capturing sports such as skiing, kayaking, running, downhill biking or surfing! There are so many different attachments you can mount to your head, chest, handlebars or surfboard. HyperSmooth stabilization means your footage will be smooth and shake-free which makes it perfect for turning into videos for social media. 

US DEAL This might not be a huge discount but a saving in your pocket is better than nothing! B&H is selling a SmallRig GoPro Buckle to Arca-Style Quick Release Plate (opens in new tab) for $13.59 down from $15.99. You can use it to adapt the GoPro's 'buckle foot' to fit onto an Arca Swiss-style tripod plate.

US DEAL The GoPro Hero Max is a versatile, 6K, 360-degree camera that can deliver incredible panoramic photos, 360 time-lapses and Hero-style video. It benefits from GoPro's unbeatable HyperSmooth Stabilization, 360-degree audio from the 6 built-in mocs, 1080p live streaming and it's compatible with over 30 mounts. If you live in the US you can now pick up a GoPro Mac for just $399.98 (opens in new tab) - that's a saving of $150! Or, if you live in the UK you can get a GoPro Max for £379.95 (opens in new tab). The GoPro Hero Max has been slightly overshadowed by the Insta360 but if you love GoPro and want have to have a go 360 photography, this is a fantastic option.

Cyber Monday may technically be over - but we are discovering that there are still a few deals still running. To check out the current discounts still on offer, check out our main Cyber Monday camera deals (opens in new tab) page, which we are still updating.

Amazingly we are still seeing lots of decent Black Friday discounts on camera kit - so we have been updating our mega Cyber Monday camera deals (opens in new tab) page - as our one-stop shop for finding the best deals available right now in the US and the UK. 

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