The best telescope eyepieces in 2024

Boy looking through the eyepiece of a telescope at night
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The eyepiece is the part of the telescope you’ll interact with the most, swapping different models in and out to change the field of view you’ll get from your scope. Just like when you swap camera lenses, you can use an eyepiece to create a wider or narrower view, making celestial objects larger or smaller. There are even zoom eyepieces for telescopes, and Barlow lenses that act like teleconverters.

Choosing the eyepieces you want to combine with your telescope tube can be a tricky decision. Many people buy a bundle of telescope and eyepieces together, and while this can be cost-effective and a good choice for beginners, the eyepieces that come with your telescope can be cheaply made, poorly constructed, and add optical artifacts to your view through the scope. Upgrades to your eyepieces can improve the view, change the magnification, and have an effect on the eye relief - the distance you need to keep your eye from the eyepiece to see well. 

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