Photo of the day: 20 August

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Photo of the day: 4 August

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Choosing the best ND filter: remember these 4 tips (and save this cheat sheet!)

How to choose the best ND filter for your camera: 4 tips for deciding which one is right for you

ND filters are sold in different strengths, and different scales are used to measure this. Some use an NDxx number, others refer to optical density, and some refer to the light reduction in EV or ‘stops’. Below we’ve served up four of our best tips for choosing the best ND filter for your DSLR.

Mmm… Ocean Blur: take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of

How to take long exposure pictures of the sea: Step 8

Timing is key to shooting great seascapes. You need to be there at the right time of day, but just as important is the timing of the exposure. For a raging, stormy sea, a fast shutter speed can be appropriate, but with calmer waters, the best approach is to take it slow. Very slow. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to take control of your camera to take long exposure pictures of the sea you can be proud of.

Astrophotography: a beginner’s guide to the galaxy

Star Trail: the camera settings you need

Astrophotography is all about stars, constellations and an uplifting sense of wonder. There are a number of simple targets for the beginner to aim for, and you don’t need specialist equipment or expensive glass.

Solargraph: shoot a 6-month long exposure using a beer can

Solargraph: shoot a 6-month long exposure using a beer can

A solargraph is a long-exposure image that shows the path of the sun as it arcs across the sky, usually over several months – and sometimes even longer. Because it’s such an extreme long exposure, the image formed will record how the path of the sun varies over the weeks and months that it is exposed, and can produce pictures that are both scientifically interesting and beautiful to look at.

Light trails: what you didn’t know about this night photography favourite

Light trails: all you need to know for this night photography favourite. Tips on where and when to shoot them, best camera settings and more.

A fantastic subject to get you started in night photography is traffic light trails – long tendrils of colourful light that form wonderful abstract shapes. The great news is that it’s an easy technique to learn and you can produce really eye-catching images with some very basic gear. All you need is an SLR with a wide-angle zoom lens, a sturdy tripod, a remote shutter release and a basic grounding in tried and tested night photography techniques.

9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro

9 secrets to using a tripod like a pro

To guarantee sharp shots of static subjects, using a tripod is essential, because it enables you to set any shutter speed you like and still get a shake-free shot. You’re then free to select the aperture you want to ensure maximum sharpness. To help you along we’ve compiled 9 practical tips you should know when using a tripod to ensure that you get the images you want.

Painting with light: what you need, and where and how to do it

Light painting tutorial

Painting with light is one of the easiest ways to transform your night scenes from ordinary to extraordinary. Although you rely on natural light for most daylight photography, introducing artificial light when shooting night photography allows you to get really creative.

How to photograph fireworks (and how to fake it)

Night photography tips: how to photograph fireworks (and how to fake it)

Find out how to get better Guy Fawkes Day and Fourth of July pictures with our tips on how to photograph fireworks. We also dissect one of our own fireworks photos to explain why we think it works, as well as show you how to fake it by making your own great fireworks composites in Photoshop. Click to read more…