13 best free iPad photo apps

13 best free iPad photo apps

The iPad is a fantastic tool for photographers, with many uses ranging from a showcase for your best images to image manipulation. There’s a huge number of useful iPad photo apps you can download to make it an even better experience, and what’s more all of those applications featured in this list are completely free.

iPad Pictures: how to download photos to your tablet

iPad Pictures: how to download photos to your Apple tablet

When Apple released its new tablet earlier this year, many photographers’ eyes widened at the 2048×1536 screen resolution of the new iPad. Pictures could suddenly be viewed in much better quality than previous generations – at a resolution of 3.1 megapixels – higher than most computer monitors. Here we show you how to download photos to iPad in just 4 easy steps.

New iPad features 5MP camera, Retina display

New iPad from Apple offers new features for photographers

The new iPad is finally here, boasting several new features for photographers.

Following months of speculation, Apple has confirmed its third-generation iPad tablet, which offers users a new 5-megapixel iSight camera with advanced optics.

The new iPad camera uses a backside illumination sensor, auto white balance and face detection, as well as record full HD video at 1080p.

iPad 2: do photographers really need the new Apple tablet?

iPad 2 photography

With the iPad HD (formerly known as iPad 3, iPad 2S and prior to that, Prince) said to be announced today, soon we will hopefully know the answer to many of the burning questions and rumours surrounding Apple’s latest tablet. Will it have an SD card slot? Retina display? A better camera?

Surely it must! But while the rest of the world gets caught up in the hype of Apple’s latest tablet, we thought we’d step back and take a look at the very-soon-to-be-outdated iPad 2 and examine whether this second-generation Apple tablet is a serious tool for photographers

After all, the iPad 2 price is likely to drop in your local shops in the coming months. Can the iPad 2 satisfy your needs as a photographer? Here are 10 reasons why we think it can.

Report: Instagram becomes largest mobile social network

Instagram photo network the largest mobile-based social network

The mobile photo network Instagram has passed the 25-million-user mark, making it the largest mobile-based social network, according to new claims.

Dirk Singer, who heads UK social media agency Rabbit and writes the blog Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics, claims that his analysis of Instagram’s two web viewers, Statigram and Ink361, show that the photo network has overtaken rival Foursquare, which boasts 22 million users.