How to balance ambient light with flash

How to balance ambient light with flash

Many camera and flashgun combinations do a great job of producing images with exposure that’s nicely balanced automatically in a wide range of situations, but if you want to take more creative images or be able to assume control when the automated systems fail, you need to understand how to do the work yourself. Here, we explain how to balance flash with ambient light.

150 photography tips for planning, composing, focusing and exposing images

150 photography tips for planning, composing, exposing and focusing images

To help you get the most from your photography time, we’ve come up with our list of the top 150 photography tips and techniques to help you get better images. You’ll find all you need to know here, from the basics of setting up your camera and planning your shoot, to how to achieve well-exposed and sharp shots with the minimum of fuss.

Sunset photography: how to balance exposures and get accurate colours


Sunset photography is a favourite subject any time of the year. The rich colours, dramatic lighting and strong shapes they offer can produce stunning shots with little need for much effort or clever planning from you. However, you might find that your camera often captures pale imitations of the sunsets you see with your naked… Continue reading