Project 366, Day 29: Reflection

Project 366, Day 29: Reflection

Another new week – they roll around so fast. This week, because the weather has been so changeable, and mostly unreliable. I decided for this week’s theme, I would see what interesting things we walk over all the time – that’s right things on the floor. As lucky would have it, it actually turned out… Continue reading

Night Photography Tips: 9 essential steps for beginners

Night photography tips: 9 essential steps for beginners

Has Seasonal Affective Disorder got you particularly down about your night photography and low light pictures in general? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the more challenging subjects in photography. Learn how to take better photos at night with these 9 carefully selected night photography tips for beginners. Whether you want to learn… Continue reading

14 portrait photography tips you’ll never want to forget

How to shoot candid portrait photography: step 6

Although many photographers upgrade to a decent SLR to take family portraits or pictures of friends, getting great shots of people is always a challenge. The difference between amateur and professional portraits can be vast. So we’ve compiled this list of 14 of the most important portrait photography tips for any photographer, to help you improve the quality of the pictures you take.