Nikon D600: manual aperture control for video finally explained

Nikon D600 specs confirmed

Given the Nikon D600 price tag and spec sheet, you may be forgiven for wondering why a camera with a full frame sensor and so much potential for recording video would appear to have no manual aperture control when you read the Nikon D600 manual.

One aspect of the D600 that has riled some DSLR video enthusiasts is the apparent lack of a Nikon D600 manual aperture control for video.

Not having manual aperture seems odd given its other video-friendly features, such as audio monitoring and full HD video capture with an option to record uncompressed footage via HDMI.

While the Nikon D600 manual mentions nothing about manual aperture control for video recording, there is a quick and easy solution to manually control the aperture for video.

Here Ali Jennings of our testing takes a look at the Nikon D600 and shows you step by step how to do it.


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