Gallery: 35 of the most enlightening lighthouse photographs


In calm seas or stormy seas, at dusk or dawn, in bright sunshine or by starlight, lighthouses provide a spectacular element to landscape photography. As a rule, many photographers position their lighthouse off-centre for the best results. However, we always recommend experimenting with your photography – there are several photographs in this gallery that position the lighthouse in the centre of the image, with striking results.

It is also good to experiment with the weather and different times of day. Severe weather shots with high crashing waves can yield some of the most dramatic results, whereas long-exposure shots of the sea at sunrise or sunset project a calming atmosphere. There are few other subject matters to photograph that offer such a variety of styles and contrast as lighthouses.

Here are some of our favourite photographs of lighthouses.

My Lighthouse, Marina Cano

My Lighthouse © Marina Cano

Attack of the Clone Stamp Tool, Miles Morgan

Attack of the Clone Stamp Tool © Miles Morgan

The Solar Storm Tonight, Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

The Solar Storm Tonight © Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

Guiding the Way, Dmitri Fomin

Guiding the Way © Dmitri Fomin

Frozen Light, John McCormick

Frozen Light © John McCormick

Faro de Viavelez, Ben Kensington

Faro de Viavelez © Ben Kensington

Perch Rock Lighthouse III, Steve Ashton

Perch Rock Lighthouse III © Steve Ashton

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Everaldo Coelho

Pigeon Point Lighthouse © Everaldo Coelho

Eeri Erie, Andrzej Pradzynski

Eeri Erie © Andrzej Pradzynski

The Magic Lighthouse, Caras Ionut

The Magic Lighthouse © Caras Ionut

The Lighthouse, Piet Flour

The Lighthouse © Piet Flour

Beacon Cove Lighthouse, Noval Nugraha

Beacon Cove Lighthouse © Noval Nugraha

The Lighthouse, Deborah Richardson

The Lighthouse © Deborah Richardson

Penmon Lighthouse, David Baker

Penmon Lighthouse © David Baker

October Gale, John McCormick

October Gale © John McCormick

A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers, Andy Freer

A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers © Andy Freer

The Retired Lighthouse, Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

The Retired Lighthouse © Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

Fanad Lighthouse, Stephen Emerson

Fanad Lighthouse © Stephen Emerson

Expanding Light, Marina Cano

Expanding Light © Marina Cano

Where Green Means Danger, George Bayode

Where Green Means Danger © George Bayode

Enlighten, Michael James Combe

Enlighten © Michael James Combe

Llanddwyn Island, Jon Swainson

Llanddwyn Island © Jon Swainson

The Lighthouse…, Joao Almeida

The Lighthouse… © Joao Almeida

Light My Way VI, Richard Franco

Light My Way VI © Richard Franco

Beacons of the Night, Stephen Emerson

Beacons of the Night © Stephen Emerson

Lighthouse, We Sch

Lighthouse © We Sch

Goodnight Irene, G Mosher

Goodnight Irene © G Mosher

Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Yury Prokopenko

Griffiths Island Lighthouse © Yury Prokopenko

La Fuerza, Ben Kensington

La Fuerza © Ben Kensington

Longstone Lighthouse, Andy Gray

Longstone Lighthouse © Andy Gray

Lyngvig Fyr, Dirk Wiemer

Lyngvig Fyr © Dirk Wiemer

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, Chris Wilkinson

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse © Chris Wilkinson

The Lighthouse, Kani Polat

The Lighthouse © Kani Polat

Perch Rock, Andrew Howe

Perch Rock © Andrew Howe

Seagulls, Marina Cano

Seagulls © Marina Cano


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