Epson's new 17-inch photo printer sings the blues

Epson SureColor P5300
(Image credit: Epson)

It's been a while since we’ve welcomed a new large-format photo printer and the Epson SureColor P5300 series inkjet introduces a new high-capacity ten-colour pigmented ink set called UltraChrome PRO10. 

Known as the P5370 in the USA, the P5300 in Europe and P5360 in Australasia, the pro  printer comes in high-capacity 200 millilitre cartridges and includes a new color – Violet Ink – which is designed to give an extended range of blue hues. Additionally, there are dedicated channels for the photo and matte black inks, so there’s no need for ink switching which not only saves time, but also reduces ink waste. 

The P5300/P5360/P5370 is a 17-inch format printer which means that it can print up to A2 size (17x22in) on cut sheets, but it will also accept paper rolls for panoramas. 

The printer has an updated version of Epson’s  ‘Micro Piezo AMC’ print head which uses the company’s ‘Variable Sized Droplet Technology’ (VSDT) to give a maximum resolution of 5760x1440 dpi, ensuring the finer detailing delivered by the higher-resolution digital camera can be accurately reproduced. VSDT also gives smoother tonal gradations. Additionally, there’s a ‘Carbon Black’ mode which increases the DMax value, giving richer blacks and enhanced contrast when printing on glossy papers. The print head employs 180 nozzles per color.

The printer uses a 10-cartidge inkset, which are housed in a pair of panels at the front. Each cartridge has a large 200ml capacity. (Image credit: Epson)

The SureColor P5300 series also incorporates the Epson Media Installer which is a software application designed to help control the parameters for printing on a variety of media, including the thicker fine-art photo papers.

Other notable features include a large 4.3in color LCD touchscreen control panel; Ethernet, USB and WiFi connectivity; built-in roll paper cutter and the Epson Print Layout software for easier and more efficient print production.

The Epson SureColor P5300/5370/5360 is priced at £2035 / $2,095 / AU$3,495 and is due to go on sale from this month.

The 200ml UltraChrome PRO10 ink cartridges for this model are priced at $96/£70/$169 each (note that the printer only comes with 80 millilitres ‘starter’ cartridges). 

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