How have cameras got too good for anyone AND worse than your phone?

Cameras and phones - which is better in reality
(Image credit: Chris Cartledge)

The going rate for cameras hasn’t really shifted much since the digital revolution solidified the camera industry’s casual, enthusiast, and professional lines in the sand — which on the surface seems like a great thing for us consumers. The same chunk of change today gets better autofocus and high ISO performance, higher resolution and continuous shooting speeds, and improvements in video compared to what it did in generations past.

The thing is, though, I reckon we went past the point most upgrades mattered to most people quite some time ago. Whether it’s the budget end of the market, where improvements have largely stagnated over the last decade as cameras are more or less rebadged, or the high end where resolutions go beyond the reasonable limits for print size and continuous shooting speeds fill cards with near identical shots, there’s a limit to the benefits of the ever-forward march of technology.

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Chris Cartledge
Freelance Writer

Chris is an experienced photographer, shooting mainly portrait, landscape, street, and product, as well as a confident videographer. He has acted for many years as lead product specialist at Canon EMEA, launching cameras and lenses — present during the general industry shift from DSLR to mirrorless and the mobile phone boom chomping at the heels of DSC; an exciting time! He also knows a thing or two about music, having been featured in Hip Hop Connection and Music Radar, but of course we wouldn't know about tunes here ;-)