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Location: All UK & Northern Ireland

hähnel are one of the leading manufacturers of award-winning, high quality, photographic accessories. Their experience in the photographic market dates back to the early 1950s when hähnel were first founded.

From humble beginnings as a distributor of professional movie equipment in Köln, Germany, hähnel have progressively developed over time and has had many achievements including being the first to develop the world’s only Motorised Splizer for editing 8mm film and a slide viewer with a built-in screen.

Hähnel also designed the first and only optical zoom light and then progressed shortly afterwards into the charger market, with the Pro 9000 high tech charging technology, and thereafter developed the world’s first plug-in charger for Lithium Ion batteries, the Digital PowerStation DCL.

Having now celebrated over 65 years in business, Hähnel have a well-established business with shipping to the UK and Ireland, plus a large distribution network throughout Europe with over 20 countries now representing the brand.