How to cross process photos in Photoshop

Photoshop Effects: how to cross process photos in Photoshop

Despite its origins in traditional film photography, the cross-processed look is still hugely popular with photographers who want to give their images a creative edge. Typically, the characteristics include skewed colours, increased saturation, and enhanced contrast. In this Photoshop tutorial we’re going to show you how to cross process photos digitally and add a black-edged border to a raw image.

7 editing secrets of retro photography

7 editing secrets of retro photography: Add borders

In this age of flawless digital photography, there’s something irresistible about the retro photography and analogue Photoshop effects that hark back to the days when imperfection was all part of the charm. In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll dissect and analyse the different effects that make up this popular retro photography look.

8 ‘alternative’ ways to convert to black and white in Photoshop

8 alternative ways to convert to black and white: Desaturation

There are many ways to skin a cat in Photoshop and converting to mono is no exception. Here are some other popular ways to convert to black and white for those who don’t want to use the Black & White tool.

Photoshop Effects: recreate the look of a medium format portrait

Photoshop Effects: how to recreate a medium format portrait

Colour, or the absence of it, plays a crucial role in portraiture. By manipulating colour and tone to create diferent Photoshop effects you can create striking portraits that really stand out from the crowd. Here, we’ll show you how to give your portraits an edgy, stylish, ultra-detailed finish often seen in modern portrait photography. We’ll use subtle variations in saturation, brightness and contrast to achieve similar results.