8 ways to tell if you are growing as a photographer

The Inverse Square Law: what it means for photographers

It can be hard to judge how far you have come as a photographer, as often you are too close to your work to make objective decisions. It’s easy to be hard on yourself, and beat yourself up for not progressing enough, when actually you have come a long way. With this in mind, our guest bloggers at Photoventure offer eight pointers to help you tell if you’re really progressing…

6 simple tips for better pictures of planes

Action photography tips: 6 ways to get better pictures of planes

Pictures of planes, like pictures of birds, can be incredibly difficult to capture, if not more. Their size and speed can lead to shots with awkward compositions or poor focusing, let alone exposing against a bright sky.

Inside we offer 6 of our best tips for getting yourself into position and your digital camera set up ideally to take top-notch pictures of planes in flight or on the ground.