Photoshop effects: add reflections to pictures of water drops

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    Photoshop effects are often used to correct problems, but in this tutorial we’ll show you how you can use it for more creative endeavours as we improve a macro shot’s content and composition. In the start image, we can see a hint of the petals’ reflection in a water droplet. In theory, we could have positioned our camera to try to fill the droplet with background flowers, or even waited until the other droplets got larger to add more interest. In practice, we can take control over these elements more quickly and effectively using Photoshop to create reflections in pictures of water drops.

    Photoshop effects: how add reflections to pictures of water drops

    To make the shot look more interesting, we’ll show you how to place an entire flower into the droplet, as though a more distant flower is being refracted and distorted by the watery lens.

    We’ll also replace the black background with an abstract organic alternative derived from a flower photo.

    Our before image

    We’ll kick off by using standard selection tools to select the fibres on the stem of the main flower. These fine details are tricky to select, so we’ll show you how the Refine Edge command’s new Smart Radius tool can help.

    Selections often look too sharp and jagged, so we’ll reveal how to smooth and soften them to make copied petals blend in.

    We’ll then show you how to select, copy and transplant the largest droplet and create three water lenses, and use Transform tools to make the copied flower look different in each droplet.

    To enhance the illusion of distortion, we’ll apply a filter and blend the flowers with existing colours and textures, making a realistic composite image that looks like a natural reflection in pictures of water drops.

    How to recreate reflections in pictures of water drops


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 1

    01 Open the image
    Open your start image in Adobe Camera Raw. To maintain a high-quality picture, we’ll start by improving composition and tone here, before opening the shot in the standard Photoshop editor to make more complex and creative tweaks.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 2

    02 Crop it down
    Note that only a narrow region of the shot is illuminated, and this is where the points of interest – the water droplets – are. To remove the darker areas and make the droplets look larger, select the Crop tool, and click and drag to crop the shot to the dimensions shown above.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 3

    03 Tweak colour and tone
    Adjust the Exposure slider to +0.55 and lighten the mid-tones by sliding Fill Light to 24. Create a stronger contrast by pushing Blacks to 14. This will enable us to select the delicate white hairs on the stem when adding a new background. Meanwhile, push Vibrance to +49.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 4

    04 Modify the brush tip
    Click Open Image to edit the modified shot in Photoshop’s standard editor. Double-click the Background Layer thumbnail to unlock it and make it editable. Then choose the Quick Selection tool from the Tool palette and set its Size to 45 and Hardness to 100.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 5

    05 Make your selection
    Click the black background to select it. Use the Add To Selection option to include the section of background hiding inside the white hairs of the stem. You won’t be able to select the delicate white hairs overlapping the black background with this tool alone! Choose Select>Inverse.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 6

    06 Refine the edges
    Click the Refine Edge button in the Options bar. In View Mode, hold down the mouse button on the View pop-up and choose On White. Unselected areas should now appear in white. As you can see, the selection edge is sharp and jagged and the delicate hairs have been excluded.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 7

    07 Get smart
    To refine the selection, tick the Edge Detection command’s Smart Radius box. By dragging the Radius slider to 60 pixels, the edge expands to include the hairs. Fine-tune the edge by grabbing 
the Refine Radius brush tool. Spray over the hairs 
with a Size 35 brush tip.


    How add reflections to pictures of water drops: Step 8

    08 Create layer mask
    To make the selected edge blend more effectively with a new background, pop Smooth up to 9 in the Adjust Edge section. To enable us to modify the selection later, set the Output to New Layer with Layer Mask. Click OK. The black layer mask hides the background, but leaves the flower visible.

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