Studio lighting: 4 seriously simple lighting techniques to try at home

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    Studio Lighting Setup 4 | Rim lighting


    This studio lighting technique is used to create an exciting style with good definition

    Studio Lighting Techniques: rim lighting

    Place both lights slightly behind the subject, pointing back towards the camera. This setup requires some tweaking and can work really well with nudes as it helps define body shape.

    Studio Lighting Techniques: rim lighting setup

    You’ll need to watch out for lens flare, though, as the lights are pointing back towards the camera. A set of ‘barn doors’, a lens hood or a shield can help prevent this.

    An assistant who can hold a carefully positioned reflector is useful – this will help fill in those areas of deep shadow.

    Gear needed
    ■ Two flash heads ■ One reflector

    PAGE 1: Introduction to studio lighting
    PAGE 2: Creating the perfect home photo studio
    PAGE 3: Rembrandt studio lighting setup
    PAGE 4: Clamshell studio lighting setup
    PAGE 5: Backlight studio lighting setup
    PAGE 6: Rim light studio lighting setup
    PAGE 7: Final tips on studio lighting


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