I combine crafting and photography by conjuring up the magic of marbling

Marbling home project
(Image credit: Claire Gillo)

Marbling has been around for many years, and we see it in lots of different places – from pillars on old buildings to artworks, wrapping paper, book covers, and even tiled surfaces in the home. There are many different ways you can marble, and the fun and unique appeal of marbling is that no two effects are ever going to be the same.

The marbling technique we utilized in this tutorial uses a water solution and colored paint. We bought a Magic Marbling Kit, which you can find online for around £20/$24 – alternatively, you can improvise with household products including oil-based paints, food coloring, milk and even shaving foam.

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Claire Gillo

Claire is a professional photographer and writer, and lives by the the sea with her two young children, husband and cat in the southwest of the UK.

After graduating from The Bournemouth Arts Institute with a first-class degree in photography, Claire worked for a number of years in the publishing industry, including as Technique Editor for Digital Camera magazine.

She loves anything and everything to do with photography, from creating magazine articles to photographing ballerinas on the beach and newborn babies (but not at the same time). She mainly shoots with digital DSLRs, but does dust off her beloved Hasselblad medium-format film camera once in a while…